Thursday, April 28, 2011

Suresh Kalmadi and huge scam and corruption of Common Wealth Game in India

India, which has a long cultural history and enjoys a prominent place among the world countries, is under the grip of a dangerous devil, ‘corruption’..! It has grown up so high that it is uncontrollable now. Many Political and Civil heads are misusing their power, position and influence to plunder the wealth of the Country and to defame the name and fame of the country.

Though the average people do not mind much about this as they have lost their hope, there are a great number of citizens who are greatly concerned about these common practices of the powerful sharks and are losing their temper and patience.

The incident that took place outside the CBI court yesterday is an example of it. The person who hurled his chappel (foot rest) on Mr. Suresh Kalmadi is not a lone one. He has just expressed the feelings of millions of Indians who are frustrated and raging with anger on those people who betray the mother land.

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