Monday, July 11, 2011

News of the World becomes 'news of the world' and a 'history'...!

The tabloid by name 'News of the World', which used to describe itself as 'the greatest newspaper in the world' is no more now, with its closure yesterday...!

It was hard for people to imagine such a thriving UK newspaper which existed for 168 years, would end up so suddenly, surprisingly and apologetically...!

The reasons for this great tragedy were simple had it been in some other countries like India- hacking into the phones of a child murder victim and bribing policemen for information. The public outrage in Britain was so great that the paper decided it was best to shut down and did so yesterday with a cover of its last issue saying, 'Thank you & Goodbye' and making an apology for the mistakes that priced heavily.

Let it be a lesson for all those who think of gaining something through unlawful methods...!

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