Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vodafone Comedy Stars 2011 - chrikkudukka' s performance

'Vodafone Comedy Stars' is a popular Malayalam Comedy reality show on Asianet, a leading reagional TV channel of Kerala. And the performances of the contestant teams are improving day by day in supplying stuff for laughter and thought.

The recent (yesterday's) performance of team chirikkudukka was really marvellous, like a live movie show..! Most teams make a lot of home work to give their best. Though some times some shows go below standard with cheap jokes and vulger dialogues.

All eyes are on the vinning team....!

What is your opinion???


  1. Most of the participants of Vodafone Comedy stars are hailing from very poor families and leading miserable lives. They hide their sorrows and pains inside them and perform comedies to entertain the audience and viewers.

    Every team is really worthy and great. Even Laughter Kerala which was eliminated recently..!


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