Thursday, August 4, 2011

Selling Liquor Above MRP Rates in Andhra Pradesh and other States of India...!

There are several cells and Organization in India to protect and safe-guard the interest of consumers. Periodically huge advertisements are displayed in print and electronic media to create awareness among the consumers and advising them to bargain and buy products less than the 'Maximum Retail Price' (MRP) printed on the goods and products.

Contrary to this, the 'Indian made foreign liquor' shops in A.P. State ridiculously sell all liquor items much above the MRP labels, without any fear or respect to the law of the land.

All the Government Departments and machinery concerned are afraid of these 'liquor syndicate mafia' so that they are unable to lift even a small finger against them, as they are guarded by all political parties, as all these parties have a common agenda in this regard only, as they all get their share of the loot.

What is your opinion ...?


  1. i agree with the writer, how can one sell any item above the MRP. printed on it, we even get discounts on MRP. for few items, at this juncture, liqour mafia in Andhra Pradesh are selling liqour above MRP. this is an anti social act, as many family are being looted of their basic needs, as we cannot stop a person from drinking from his earnings, this above MRP is putting a big hole to the pocket of the poor. one may ask, then why they drink? i ask you back, is drinking only the right of the rich?

    any way this MRP sale is above the price is ,the work of hand in glove of liquor mafia and exercise dept. and ministers in ap

  2. It is very unfortunate indeed. The concerned departments should look into it immediately, before the issue worsens and people lose their patience...!

  3. It is very cruel. In a democratic country like India such things should not be allowed.

  4. Thank you responsible citizens for your valuable comments...!

  5. In raids over past few days, the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Andhra Pradesh has seized thousands of ledgers, invoices, computers and books of accounts from hundreds of liquor outlets across the state.

    What is tumbling out are not just payment of bribes as protection money to everyone from officials, MLAs and ministers to journalists but also the extent of the same, leading to liquor shops charging customers 40-70 per cent more than the MRP to make up for their expenses.

    In a report submitted to Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Monday, the ACB estimated that bribes amounting to Rs 6 crore per month per area were being paid by liquor shop owners to avoid raids and harassment from officials, and to ward off negative publicity. Across the state, it works out to roughly Rs 10,000 crore every year.
    Names of over 50 MLAs of various parties including the ruling and opposition parties have reportedly cropped up during the probe, apart from allegedly family members of three ministers during raids in Coastal Andhra and Telangana.
    A syndicate of 245 authorised liquor shops in East Godavari, West Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts is allegedly linked to Botsa Appalanarasiah, Congress MLA and brother of APCC president and Transport Minister Botsa Satyanarayana.

    In Guntur and Krishna districts, another syndicate is being linked to family members of Excise and Prohibition Minister Mopidevi Venkataramana, who hails from Guntur, while in Telangana, one syndicate is being linked to husband of Information and Public Relations Minister D K Aruna.

    “We are in possession of a massive number of documents. Sifting through them will take time so right now we can’t pinpoint who is involved where. We’re scrutinising the role of many people,” ACB Director General of Police D Bhoopathi Babu told The Indian Express.
    Botsa Satyanarayana denied any links with the syndicates. “I cannot vouch for what my relatives may be doing somewhere but I have no connection. I am also requesting the ACB DGP to release a statement disclosing the names and evidence,” he said.

    All the people of the state are now keenly watching what the Chief Minister would do to save his face and the reputation and claims of his party.

  6. The Chief Minister of A.P or any one cannot do anything which may anger his colleagues or the top brass of Congress leadership in A.P. like APCC President Botcha Satyanarayan who are directly and indirectly linked with the liquor syndicate mafia.

    Such people may have to face the ire of the common man as Suresh Kalmady and many others have experienced in the recent past.

  7. The liquor syndicate mafia has at last agreed to consider the popular people's cry and said that they may sell liquor at mrp rates in the new year, 2012 onward...!

    They have grown too much to dictate the government, disobey the High Court, keep a deaf ear to the news channels and press, people's outcry, some party's strike...

    Is our country going close to Taliban state, where some people maintain parallel army and mechanisms...???

  8. The government of AP has no moral right to remain in office any more. As they cannot implement the court order, they should step down immediately and ask an apology to the people of the state who elected them and gave them the power to rule.


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