Saturday, September 24, 2011

What are bux sites? Are 'get paid to click ads' sites genuine? can one earn money visiting website links?

There are many people world-wide searching the internet, seeking for some 'online earning opportunity' by doing some works through the internet, remaining at own home or office. There are thousands of websites that promise to pay for being their members and clicking ads of their clients who pay them for showing their advertisements to interested viewers.

Many innocent people get attracted to this offer and join them as a member and login everyday and click ads as per their instructions. Most of these sites offer to pay their honest members, when their account balance reach a certain amount like $5.00 or $10.00. But many sites are created for cheating people and they do not pay anyone.

The normal pay that is affordable for the advertising sites, for viewing a site for 30 seconds is 0.01 or 0.02 cents only. But there are some sites that offer $1.00 or above for just visiting a website for less than a minute...! Never join these sites... they are scams... they will never pay anyone any money anytime...! So online income seekers are warned to be alert and never become the victims of any of these deceiving sites.

'Bux' is a short form for 'bucks sites'. Most of the bux sites are scams. If any one is really interested to make some extra bucks while spending time online, can join some honest sites such as Clixsense and wordlinx.

But as all these sites pay its members through online digital banking like Paypal and Alertpay, it is also necessary to create a FREE account with an E-mail id, for withdrawing the money through one's bank account.

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