Monday, January 9, 2012

Bihar C M Nitish Kumar's exemplary warnings to corrupt officials.

The warning notice issued by the Bihar Chief Nithish Kumar to nearly three lakhs government employees and officers including not only the Group 1, group 2, group 3 state employees but also the All India Service Officials like the IAS, IPS and IFS to disclose their property details to the people of the state before February 28, 2012 rises his popularity as one of the few good CMs in India.

The incident of confiscating the the huge palatial building ' Raj Mahal' built by one of the corrupt IAS officers and running a government school in it has already proved that he is not only stern in words but also in action and has created panic among the corrupt officials.

CM Nitish Kumar must be taken as an example by all the chief minister of the Indian states, specially those CMs who have no back bone or guts to take action against the wicked and corrupt without any parochial or selfish feelings.

There are some people sitting as the chief minister in the CM's chair of some states but are not able to carry out even the Order of a High court fearing the size and power of the corrupt people and showing political favoritism.


  1. Bihar was one of the most corrupt states of India. Many huge scams took birth in Bihar.

    CM Nitish Kumar deserves applauds to act stern on the corrupt officials with out looking at any face or with out fear for any one.

    Andhra Pradesh CM Kiran Kumar Reddy must immediately learn from him to save the face of the Congress Party which he represents.
    The People are greatly vexed with the corruption of the politicians, bureaucrats and governemnt officials who are directly and indirectly leading the liquor syndicate mafia and linked with it. Shame..........

    1. I agree with this.

      The biggest corruption cases were reported from Bihar.
      It was known as a dark state.

      Kudos to CM Nitish Kumar for his silent and stern war against corruption.


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