Monday, January 16, 2012

Kaun Benega Crorepati (KBC) in Malayalam Ningalkum Akam Kodeeswaran

The most popular reality game-show telecast in the Television channels in the world is Crorepati (millionaire). In India, it became very popular with highest viewership because of the stunning presentation of the most renowned actor and artist Mr. Amitabh Bachan.

For the first time in the history of Malayalam channels, it is going to appear in the Asianet T.V shortly. The same is appearing in Tamil and Telugu channels with their super celebrity movie stars.

Though Asianet TV has not officially announced the date or time of commencement and the Anchor who is going to host this prestigious reality show, expected to capture the highest viewerships, the public is anxious to know who will host this program. Sources say that Super stars Mohanlal or Mommootty is expected to conduct it.

But some people's opinion is that Either Suresh Gopi or Jayaram is fit to hold this program as they have some simplicity, humility and hospitality compared to all superstars of Malayalam, which is the trade mark of Only Amitab Bachchan and Rajanikanth.

This game-show, which is already conducted in 116 countries in about 83 languages for nearly 13 years is coming to South Indian T.V Channels for the first time in different local language titles like kodeeswaran, kodiswaradu etc all meaning crorepati which means 'ten millionaire'.

In Tamil popular youth actor Suriya is expected to host the program in Vijay T.V. under the title 'NEENGALUM VELLALAM ORU KODI'in February, 2012, while in KANNADA Super Star Punith Rajkumar is hosting it with the Title, 'Kannada Da Kotyadipati' on suvarna TV.

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  1. We are very anxious to see Super Star of Malayalam, Mohan Lal performing this mega television event.

    Friends from Singapore and Malaysia.

  2. Please list the eligibility criteria and contact numbers in this popular blog.
    Thanks, Suresh - Ernakulam

    1. Every information is listed in this blog to help the aspirants to participate in the reality intellectual quiz show, that pays for your knowledge. Please visit the updated blog.

      Please check this blog regularly and add your comments or doubts or opinions...!

      Thanks and Regards.
      Wish All participants grand success...!


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