Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mrs Kerala reality show on Asianet 2012

The Opinion of many Asianet TV viewers were very neutral at the starting of Hair O Max Mrs Kerala reality show in 2011. Hence they did not share their opinions with me and I too did not think it worth posting here.

But the recent performance of Advocate Sufia as Dr Sukumar Azheekode was rocking and this led people ask me to post this comment.

Adv Sufia one of the beautiful participants of this program meant for married women Malayalees, appeared on the stage dressed as Dr Sukumar Azheekode. Her appearance, costumes, style of speech, critical way of thinking, body language, actions, everything was excellent and she deserves this special appreciation given from the popular viewers of this channel.

Two of the judges gave her only 9 marks each out of 10 (which was given for the other ordinary actors also whose performance were just average) but the third judge was liberal to give her ten marks out of ten.

Congratulations Sufia, keep it up...!

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