Friday, February 10, 2012

Andhra Pradesh's liquor mafia and A.P.'s Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB)

There are various Government departments and organizations functioning in India. But people are not aware of many until and unless they effectively discharge their duties and responsibilities efficiently. To effectively discharge the duties with out any fear or favour, the heads of those departments need to be fearless, truthful, duty-minded  and above all corrupt-free.

Until Mr T.N. Sheshan took charge as the Chief Election Commission of India a decade ago, most people of the country never knew that such an important institution existed in India and the powers and responsibilities vested with that particular Commission.

The recent performance of the 'Anti-Corruption Bureau' in the state on the 'liquor syndicate mafia' is quite appreciable and welcomed by one and all. The liquor syndicate mafia of A.P., that willfully and deliberately defied the High Court's order and the government of A.P was miserably unable to control them and failed. The government and its leader the Chief Minister were severely criticized by most people for their inability to implement the Court's directions and to come to the rescue of the people of the state.

It was at this juncture, the ACB (Anti- Corruption Bureau) came to the spot light. The ACB started raiding and hunting the mafia mercilessly. Many big sharks were caught in the ACB's net and those liquor mafia who vowed    publicly that they would never obey any court orders or rules, started to surrender before the ACB's whip. At last they bowed down and agreed to sell liquor at the 'maximum retail price'. 

People are eager to know who are all behind this courageous adventure. Hats off to Mr.D.Boobathi Babu, IPS (Director General ACB), Satyanarayan,IPS (Director ACB), and all the additional and joint directors, DSPs, Inspectors and sincere personnel of the ACB. It is the popular people's opinion and wish that all the dipartments take the ACB as an example do their legitimate duties with out fear or favour, they will be real heroes in the minds of people. 

Congratulations to all Sincere officers of of all departments of Andhra Pradesh in particular and India in General.

Please post a word of wishes for all honest and good officers who work for us.

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