Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Piravom Suspense is Ending in Hours...! The Winner is to be Announced / Declared shortly...!

The anxiety of the Piravom voters and the political sympathizers around the world, the curiosity of the UDF and LDF front candidates who contested and the eagerness of the supporting parties and their leaders who engaged in campaigning ... all ending in hours...!

The sensational results of the Piravom by election 2012 is going to be declared in just hours...! The authorities have made all arrangements for the smooth and speedy counting of the votes. The fates of the candidates is going to rest in the ballot boxes only for few more hours. Though both the parties and their supporters are expecting the 'victory' to favor them, only one candidate / party is going to win...!

Though both sides have prepared everything for the victory celebration, only one side will 'celebrate' the victory after the announcement of the poll results on March 21st, 2012...! The counting of votes is going to start at 8.00 am on Wednesday and by 10.00 am itself the result can be seen.

It will be highly appreciable and welcome, if the winning team understands the situations and behaves responsibly ... No body should entertain any anti-social elements that resort to communal and political violence and thus destroy the peace and and harmony.

Congratulations to the New Winner MLA of Piravom ....!

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