Saturday, March 10, 2012

powerful Mafias are ruling the country...! They are a serious threat than terrorists.

The gruesome killing of the young and duty-minded IPS officer narendra Kumar Singh, in Madhya Pradesh state of India, by the strong sand mining mafia has literally shocked the entire people of the Nation, as this incident indicates that the mafia is strong enough to challenge even the Government of India.

The country is passing through very difficult situations as there are many mafias that have become a real threat to the government. In the past people heard of goonda mafias and smuggling mafias only in some metropolitan cities like Mumbai. Nowadays there are many dangerous mafias that have grown too strong to be controlled even by the government. Most of these mafias are backed by powerful politicians ranking from ministers, MPs, MLAs, party secretaries, and Top officials of many departments including the police and the judiciary.

The guts of the tractor trolley driver to run the vehicle deliberately on the IPS officer, is not a simple matter to be left. This incident shows that the driver has strong and politically and financially influential people behind him, who might have offered him to extend any help and support to finish anyone who comes on their way. The popular public opinion is that all the mafia must be brought before the law and punished stringently, without any partiality or parochial feelings.

There are also liquor mafias that never cared to follow the Order of the Honorable High Court of Andhra Pradesh. Mining Mafias in some states are capable of waging a war against the system. Real Estate mafia also is active in the news with their adventures.

If all the political parties who really love the country (Are there any...?), keep aside their differences and eliminate the wicked and rouges for the political system only, our country will be really free. Ordinary People  are concerned whether the great country India, that got freedom through the sacrifices of many great souls... will ever be free from those who are saying they love India and work against the welfare of it, and thus act us anti-Indians...!!!

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