Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yahoo's Survey Results April 18th, 2012: Mamata Banerjee has turned into a dictator ... 100% votes

Today's opinion poll on Yahoo's front page is 'Whether West bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is turning in to a dictator...?' The people's opinion (of Yahoo visitors) was enough for any one specially Mamata Banerjee to make a self examination 'whether she is fit to continue as the Chief Minister?'

As of 11.00 am on Wednesday, 18th the result was 100% opinion that she is becoming a dictator. In any opinion polls the people's opinions are generally mixed and differ in whole. The result of this poll was really amazing with no one voting against the statement.

All the people voted 'yes' to the statement which read 'Is Mamata Turning into a dictator?' Not even one person voted 'no' to the poll question in favor of Mamata Benerjee's arrogant and rude behavior with the people, her own departments, and even to the coalition front in which she is an important partner.

It is quite normal for anyone to note that Mamata Benerjee's most decisions are anti people, anti organizational and dictatorial.

It is noteworthy to post this opinion poll on the front page of yahoo India when Mamata Banerjee is quoted as world's 100 influential women by the popular TIME Magazine...! People are afraid that This news including West Bengal chief Minister Mamata Benerjee as one of the most 100 powerful women in the world would further increase her arrogance and make her more dictatorial in the days to come. 

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