Saturday, May 5, 2012

Justice K T Thomas betrayed Kerala in Mullaiperiyar Dam issue...?

The five member High Power Committee appointed by the Supreme Court to study and submit its detailed report on the safety and sustainability of the 117 - Year old Mullaperiyar dam in Keral State, has submitted its report in a sealed cover in the SC and the report is publicized by leading Malayalam News Channels and print media yesterday. Justice K.T. Thomas was also appointed in the high power panel as a representative of the people of Kerala.

Kerala's government and people have termed the report disappointing and stated that they would seek legal advise to move further in this issue. Many people feel that Justice KT Thomas who was included in the pane did not give any weightage to the fear and concern of millions of Keralites who live in the shadow of terror.

The controversy over the strength and safety of the century old dam is a cause for high concern and fear for more than four million people of Kerala, who fear in the worst scenario of a dam break they would be washed away in minutes.

The Government of Kerala has categorically made it clear that the water in the dam can be given to their neighbor Tamil Nadu as already agreed. Kerala has only demanded and sought the safety of its people. As this dispute is between two states, it is very difficult for the weak coalition Government in the centre to make a decision in this regard.

The government of Kerala and the general public has dismissed the report saying, 'who can guarantee the life of the 117 year old dam which exists in a frequent tremor prone area'....? If some untoward incident (which is not in the hands of any human) occurs, who will bear responsibility of the huge loss of life ....!!!

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  1. Yes Dam is safe. But I believe new dam could be the long term solution. New dam should be jointly built and controlled by both the states. :) I think if Kerala proposes this idea TN would gladly accept it I think..

  2. Who under the sun can give guarantee of the safeness of a dam built more than 100 years in an area where earth quakes are taking place frequently...?

    Who or which government, political party, leader or judiciary will be there to accept the responsibility of such calamity... and answer if at all ... a tragedy takes place....?

    Come on... Give answer ....


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