Friday, May 11, 2012

Who will be the next (13th) President of the Republic of India in 2012...? APJ Abdul Kalam...? Pranab Mukherjee...? vote /comment

As the major political parties in India are gearing up for the election (selection...?) of the next President of the country after the 2012 June by-polls to 3 Lok Sabha and 28 Assembly seats. Though no party has the required number of eligible voters to choose the president of their choice, they are engaged in 'talks' and negotiations on electing the candidate of their choise as the 13th President of India...!

Though there are favorable candidates for each and every political party, a majority of the population of India favors and wishes to see Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who has very successfully and efficiently served as one of the best presidents of India for one term. Former President Kalam in his previous tenure proved his capability to hold the highest post of India.

Another specialty of Mr Kalam is that he did not get in to any controversies, nor showed any favoritism or partiality towards any individual, community or party. Even when holding one of the the highest positions in the world, he continued to remain humble, polite and the same....!

The Congress Party and some of its allies are desirous of elevating one of India's strongest politicians and acclaimed political trouble shooter, Mr Pranab Mukharjee as the next President of India. There are a good number of the public who are supporting the candidature of Mr Mukherjee as he too is corrupt-free and very patriotical beside being an accepted and famous figure world-wide.

The common people's general opinion is that both of these personalities are fit to sit in the most prestigious throne of India and lead India as (one of) the best ....countries on the earth...!

Please vote for your favorite candidate below...!


  1. Both are good and acceptable candidates to adorn the President's throne.

  2. My President the one and only Dr.Abdul Kalam.


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