Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Increase the number of subsidised Gas cylinders atleast to 12/year. Central Minister K V Thomas too writes to PM

The recent decision of the Central ministry to increase Rs.5/- five on the price of one liter diesel and to cap/cut the number of cooking gas cylinders to six per year was a terrible blow to the aam aadmi (ordinary common man), who is struggling hard to make both the ends meet these days due to the sky rocketing of essential commodities and food prices.

The UPA II Government came to power promising pro poor policies that will be beneficial to the low and middle income people of the country.The frequent increase of petrol and diesel by the UPA 2 Government has already won the wrath of the people who voted it to power. And the government's stubborn stand with a deaf ear against the cries and the warnings of the Opposition and some allies are also being watched by the people with great concern.

It is laudable and appreciable that  at least one minister in the ruling front has come out boldly to indirectly protest the government's decision at last. Prof K V Thomas, the food and consumer affairs Minister has written a letter to the Prime Minister to reconsider the capping of the domestic gas cylinders and to increase the number from six.All the elected representatives of the people kept mum in this regard except TMC party chief Mamata banerjee. (Unfortunately her warnings are not seriously considered as he is used to it...!)

According to the popular opinion of the cooking gas consumers, particularly the women, every ordinary family requires at-least one gas cylinder every month. If the requirement is above that, the Government can fix a special price per cylinder as suggested by Minister K V Thomas.

Anyhow, the diesel price hike has started to show its influence by the steep and sudden increase of prices of everything including transport charges.

All these never affect the rich and affect the poor to some extend, but the greater victims are the middle class people whose income is less and are not covered in many of the schemes of the government meant for the BPL ....!

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