Sunday, September 9, 2012

Debate: Super Star Santhosh Pandit: Is he a Super star or a Criminal...?

There are hot discussions and debates taking place on leading Malayalam TV Channels these days. The funniest part is that the topics for their hot debate is one poor person who committed a serious crime. What is his name and what is the crime hatched by him? The answers will definitely peel off the mask of Keralites who claim to be very wise and intelligent...!

One person by name Santhosh Pandit is the person persecuted by the Hippocratic Malayali society. The unforgivable crime he has been committing is he is taking some movies in Malayalam...!

Though a section of the society has no intention to leave him alone, another section are asking "is it that serious producing a film in Malayalam by an ordinary individual who has a passion for it...?"

Any Indian Citizen has the right and freedom to do any business or activity he wants provided it is not prohibited or it affects the security and integrity of the country. There are many people in the country doing things which they are not supposed to do...! There are many money lenders and mafia dans running educational institutions and hospitals. There are many cruel rowdies performing anti-social activities under the pretext of  social  service activities...!

Santhos Pandit appears to be a person with a passion for films and he created or will make movies. It is the moral responsibility of the public to encourage an ordinary man to enter the Kollywood field where a lot of underground politics is being played. If you don't encourage ... no problem...!

Why persecute him? Leave him alone...!

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  1. I agree agree with this.
    If we don't like him, let's ignore him.
    Why to crucify him...?

    Prasannan, Kochi


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