Sunday, October 28, 2012

UPA II Government's major Cabinet reshuffle: October 28th, 2012. Latest Union Ministers

The major and final reshuffle of the Indian prime Minister Manmohan Singh's council of ministers on October 28th, 2012 concluded in New Delhi just now. Many old faces have been dropped and new faces included to give the UPA II government a re-invigoration which faced the maximum number of corruption charges in the history of any Government in India.

The swearing-in ceremony commenced at 11.31 am and ended at 12.11 pm. A total of 22 members sworn-in as the members of the union council of ministers. Out of them seven (7) are included in the union cabinet and 2 are appointed as ministers of state with independent charges and 13 as ministers of state.

The Prime Minister said that is disappointed as Rajive Gandhi did not join his government in the last possible revamp of his UPA II Government.

There are many talents in this council of minsters and the congress party, the UPA and the government is expecting to regain some lost reputation with the final major reshuffle.

Corruption alleged Union Law Minister Salman Kurshid's portfolio is changed.

Though the government is optimistic of the revamp, people who have lost faith in the ruling Government think that this is a last chance for those loyal politicians who did not get an opportunity to plunder something using their newly entrusted power....!

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