Tuesday, October 23, 2012

US Presidential Election 2012: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney: Who will be the Next (45th) US President ...?

The world is keenly and anxiously watching towards the US presidential elections 2012 to be held in less than two weeks from now. The two presidential candidates, sitting Democrats president Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney are left in the fray for the final fight. All the open debates have ended with one held in Florida on Tuesday with neither of the Candidates winning a knock-out punch ...!

Though opinion polls give little weightage to president Obama, Mitt Romney's side also are of the opinion of a marginal victory. Hence neck to neck fight is sure. The results of Opinion polls may not (need not) be exact hence still there is a mixed response in the probable out come of the prestigious presidential election 2012.

Any how within two weeks time there will be an end to all the anxiety and America will have the 45th President elected.

Best wishes to the New (45th) President of the US in advance...! (Barack Obama or Mitt Romney???)

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  1. US voters, please give a chance to Mitt Romney...!

    Obama has already showed his 'efficiency'.

    Lets see what Romney can do for us...!

    1. I also wish Mitt Romney should be given an opportunity.

      Let everyone get a chance, unless one is exceptional...!

      Richards Shelling.


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