Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who will Be the Next Prime Minister of India? Rahul Gandhi v/s Narendra Modi...!

Rahul v/s Modi
Though the Official announcement for the General Elections 2014 is not made yet, All the Political Parties big and small alike are making preparations for seeking the People's Mandate and trying for a chance to rule the country for another five years. 

The leading Alliances at the fore-front are the Congress led United Progessive Alliance (UPA) and the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Though all regional parties have a desire to form another alliance to get the power in Delhi like the third front or forth front etc, it seems like a proposal which will never materialize as each party's head wants the top job - the Prime Minister Post which the others cannot easily give up...!

Though the majority of Indians belong to the Hindu Religion, most of these people want to live and lead a life in harmony with the others belonging to other Religions. Only a very few people of India are hatching strong Communal feelings and develop and spread hatred among other communities.

There are some (now-a-days most) Political Parties in India, trying to cashout from these religious and communal divercity India alone proudly possess in the world. Though some people are aware of these politicians' intentions and keep away from them, there is a good number of innocent people who will easily fall as a victim to their baits.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who is the BJP's Prime Ministerial Candidate and Congress Party vice President Rahul Gandhi are the main contenders for the Prime Minister's throne in the coming General Elections.

While Rahul Gandhi who is considered as a clean and amicable persanality is fully fit for the top post, but he is forced to carry all the loads of financial and other scams / controvercies / accusations his predessors have earned from the people during their present term.

On the other hand, Gujarat C.M. Narendra Modi, who publicised a lot of his own government and earned a lot of praises, counts upon the caste and religious card for gaining maximum number of votes under the BJP's banner.

Who will be the next Priminister of India- has emerged as the big question among the people.

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  1. I think Rahul Gandhi only will become the next Prime Minister of India.

    Though there is a lot of corruption in the UPA, the Congress only should win the general elections 2014.

    If BJP's Narendra Modi comes to power it is very dangerous for the Secular fabric of India.

  2. let us home , our county will be blessed with a secular leader, helping the needy and poor , with out communal violence and enmity

  3. Though the present hype is in favour of Narendra Modi, most people prefer to have a Secular Prime Minister like Rahul Gandhi, for the Secular India.

  4. Rahul Gandhi is the best and ideal candidate to be the next PM of India.

    Because of the in-efficient governance and anti-people policies of the present Congress led Government at the center, his chances of winning sufficient Loksabha seats is very less...!

  5. Neither Rahul Gandhi nor Narendra Modi will become the next Prime Minister.

    People are vexed with the Congress Party and afraid of Mody for his strong communal feelings.

    There is a good chance for the 'third front' even though it may not complete a term.

  6. The latest controversy involving Rahul Gandhi's Brother-in-law Robert Vadhera is another major blocking stone for poor Rahul Gandhi to become the next Prime Minister of India.

    Ajit Singh

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