Friday, August 8, 2014

K M Mani to become next Chief Minister of Kerala?

Popular and very senior Political Personality of Kerala and the founder of Kerala Congress (M) Party, K M Mani is the only accepted political leader across party lines. He is the long standing and senior member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly having entered the 'Guinness Book World Records' for presenting the maximum number of annual budgets in the Kerala Legislative Assembly.

Mr K.M Mani also holds the rarest distinction of serving as the Minister of Kerala Government for the longest period. He also holds another record of representing the Pala Assembly Constituency continuously since its inception.

Now the Congress government led by Oommen Chandi is facing so many allegations of corruption and sex related scams, the LDF Government led by the CPI (M) is seriously considering to topple the governemnt with the support of the Kerala Congress (M) group MLMs offering Chief Minister Post for K.M. Mani.

But Mani who is a sharp, seasoned and experienced politician is worried of the future of his party after the tenure of the present assembly.

But most people feel and opine that Mr. K.M. Mani is very eligible and the most suitable person to adore the Kerala Chief minister's chair as he is comparatively less corrupt and scandalous.

If the LDF take immediate initiative and make K.M Mani as the Chief Minister, it will definitely benefit the party and be a fitting treat for the mutinous and corrupt ridden Congress party.

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