Sunday, September 7, 2014

D-Mart Mega Shopping Mall in Kakinada - a super-hit in the first month itself

The D-Mart Shopping Mall by the Mumbai based D Mart Retail supermarket chain was established just a month ago in Kakinada City of Andhra Pradesh.

The people of Kakinada who already had the branches of retail malls like Reliance Fresh, Spencers, More and many other local super bazaars accepted D Mart with a red carpet and it has become the talk of the town within the first moth itself.

Most of the FMCG products sold here are at the best and very competitive prices. As of date no other malls or super markets are selling groceries and other consumable goods at a lesser price than D Mart. [Reliance Fresh is reportedly selling vegetables at a very reasonably low cost..!] So not only the DMart shopping mall, but the very location of the DMart store near Godarigunta has become a land mark within a short period.

More business ventures like D Mart should come and open their branches in more and more places. Thus the people of those places would get things at competitive rates and the monopoly of the shop owners who are already cheating the consumers with their sub-standard products will learn a lesson.

There is a complaint shared by most persons about the D-Mart mall that the security persons at the entrance are physically touching the body of the distinguished consumers in the name of frisking/checking. Many customers are feeling shy to raise their voices in public about this groping of the buttocks. Can't they avoid it as mechanized scanning and checking can do the job better than human hands...???

It is learnt that D Mart is paying reasonable salaries and wages to its staff and employees. For Career (jobs) in D-Mart as cashiers, managers, sales boys and girls, store keepers etc... please check their official website:


  1. The Management of D Mart Stores in Kakinada has given up the ugly habit of frisking and groping the buttocks of the customers in the name of security.

    Thanks to the promoters for responding positively.

  2. No please.

    This bloody practice is still continuing in the Mall. A day before only I have visited the stall.

  3. Some items like kirana are cheap in D-mart but clothes and other items are substandard in quality.

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