Monday, February 9, 2015

Delhi Election Live Results 2015. The END of MODI Wave?

Not only the entire population of India, but the whole world is eagerly waiting for the Delhi Assembly Election counting results today. The polls in Delhi were not held on 2015 February 7th Saturday as usually held in any other states. It was a matter of prestige for the BJP and all its allies which believed until recently that they could easily win any elections held anywhere in India with the so called 'Modi wave' or 'Modi magic'!

The people of India who were fed-up with the rule of UPA government headed by the Congress Party which could not keep in control the corrupt alliance partners were looking for an alternative to teach it a fitting lesson. Then emerged BJP, headed by Narendra Modi with a lot of promises offering to lead the country towards 'good days' filled with peace and prosperity.

But even though the people who believed them and gave them a thumping mandate, they never bothered to keep up any of the promises made before the general elections, but deliberately entered into controversies by trying to dismantle the great 'unity in diversity' of the country which makes India unique and special in the whole world.

Though the ruling BJP at the center and the Prime Minister instituted the whole central government machinery and most of the ministers and senior leaders to grab Delhi in their account, the wise people of Delhi have decided to give a strong message to those who forget that it is the common people of the country who elect them as rulers...!

The Delhi poll results of 2015 favoring AAP is considered as the end of the so called 'MODI wave' in India in popular people's public opinion.

Watch the minute-by-minute Real time Delhi Poll counting results online on Yahoo News: and Google News

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