Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kerala Government launches 'Operation Suraksha' to nab Goondas

The Police department of the Government of Kerala has initiated a new venture by name 'Operation Suraksha' to trap, grab and punish the anti-social elements and goondas in the state which have grown up uncontrollably in the past years.

The police department under the leadership of Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala is trying to bring about some changes and regain the lost reputation of the Kerala Police which has become notorious in partisan politics and favoritism. 

The past developments which uncovered the unholy relationship of the Police with Smuggelers and Criminals in the state has damaged hugely the reputation of the Kerala Police and has damaged the people's faith in it.

People of Kerala suffocating under the turns of UDF and LDF rules are looking for a suitable alternative to teach both these fronts a fitting lesson as both of these fronts use the Kerala Police to safe guard their vested interests and cover up their corruption cases.

Earlier the government has launched 'Operation Kubera' to stop exorbitant interest charged by private money lenders and financial organization and to save the people from their harassment. Though through this the government could control some small grade money lenders, people are of the opinion that it could not do anything against the powerful money lending (financial) lobby which is giving its regular share to the politicians and leaders...!!!

Now the public are of the opinion what and how much this new operation could do against politically sponsored and backed goondaism such as 'nokku coolie'...!


  1. Didn't know of this. Nice when operations & missions win!

  2. very important operation it was thanks for giving the information about the Kerala govt.


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