Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Apply and Participate in Million Dollar Minute?

Million Dollar Minute is the greatest reality live quiz game show that enables a contestant to win up to ONE Million Dollars instantly with his/her knowledge on certain subjects and topics on the stage.

This hottest game show is being aired on Channel SEVEN network TV of Australia. The first season started in 2013 and was presented successfully by Grant Denyer. Presently the third season of the show is being aired and it is hosted beautifully by Simon Reeve.

As more and more average people are winning huge amounts of money with their sheer intelligence, many want to participate and try their luck in this quiz show.

How to become a contestant?

To get a call when auditions are held in Melbourne, Victoria of Australia, desirous participants are requested to Register in the below given form:

Victoria Residents Register here:

Non Victoria Residents Register here:

To watch live and Online ALL the (Latest/Yesterday's/Daily) Episodes here:

Visit the Official Facebook page of  'Million Dollar Minute':


  1. At first, I was excited as I thought it's a new show in India :)
    We are not eligible as it's for Australians!

    1. Now it is only for Aussies. It is to come to India also soon like KBC.

  2. I too thought there was some chance for Indians :)


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