Monday, June 29, 2015

MTV SPLITSVILLA Season 8 Starting on 2015 July 4 Saturday 7 PM

MTV Splitsvilla is also an imported TV reality show from the US. It is the Indian version of 'Flavor of Love' a dating reality show of America. It is aired on MTV which is one of the notorious music channels in India which telecasts obscene and profane postures and images in the form of music and dance and is instrumental in misguiding and spoiling the young generation.

MTV Splitvilla show has completed 7 seasons and the Karbonn Smart MTV SPLITVILLA SEASON 8 is all ready for the inaugural (launching) telecast on 2015 July 4th evening at 7.00pm.

Porn star Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh Singha are the hosts of the show in which 14 girls search for their sweethearts. Most of the viewers of this show are youngsters as the show is all about love, dating, flirting and cheating etc.

As this show is considered as one that is against the culture and and tradition of our country, there are many people who oppose such shows stating that they promote vulgarity and indecency. Earlier some Hindu groups demanded ban on MTV Spilitsvilla accusing the show makers of 'eroding the culture of India'...!

For watching the shows online and all other details such as 'list of contestants', participants, promos, episodes, winners, finalists, etc please check this website

For Splitsvilla 8 Sunny Leone's, Rannvijay's and contestants videos, images, photos, wallpapers, etc check this site.

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  1. TV shows and film are showing vulgarity to attract more viewers particularly the youngsters.
    Such shows and movies should not be allowed in India.
    All concerned citizens should join together against these evil across political or communal lines.

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