Saturday, June 20, 2015

'Operation Sulaimani' Initiative launched in Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Operation Sulaimani is a noble initiative kick-started by some charity minded persons in Kozhikode of  Kerala. The very aim of this movement started by the Calicut District administration with the cooperation of the Kerala Hotel and restaurants Association is to provide food to someone who is hungry with the sponsorship of someone else at the end of his / her meals.

As per this scheme, a person after having food at any hotel or restaurant can voluntarily pay for the food of some unknown hungry persons and these 'orders' are given to a needy starving person in the form of a coupon and with this coupon he / she can go to one of the 50 hotels and restaurants who are participating in this project now and can have food to his / her heart's content. The person who goes to a food center with a coupon will be treated equally with the other customers / guests who are capable to pay.

The people of Kozhikode who are generally described as hospitable and good Samaritans have welcomed this idea with both stretched hands. This project is in line with 'the pending coffee (or) suspended coffee' of Italy, 'operation sandwich' in England, etc through which an unknown person who goes to a hotel or restaurant for food can pay for some meals (one or two or more, depending up on the financial capacity of that person) for some one who is genuinely hungry and cannot afford to pay for a meal. Unlike other service activities, this is purely done by strangers for strangers anonymously.

This novel idea which is inaugurated by Malayalam film director and humanitarian activist Anjali Menon in Kozhikode of Kerala is ready to spread to other areas of the state and other states.
It is noteworthy to mention the similar project 'food on wall' functioning successfully in Malappuram, the neighbouring district in Northern Kerala. According to this, any magnanimous person can sponsor some food for someone else and a 'token' for that will be hung on a board on a wall of the hotel. Any poor person can have any food of his choice in exchange of that token and its worth.

When corruption and crime is increasing in the society, more and more people are also trying to compensate these with their charitable minds and activities. This gives us a lot of confidence and hope. Let all people emulate the good things that is taking place in the society and use their effort, time and money for the spread of the good things in 'God's Own Country'  and in the whole world. Those who cannot spend money particularly the youth and children can spend some time and use the internet and the 'social media networks and connections' for such rewarding activities instead of using them for bad and dirty things...!

May God Bless all who serve HIS less fortunate children...!


  1. I want to know more about how it works. Do poor people, the really needy walk into these restaurents at all. Where do the tokens work?

    1. Yes, anyone can walk in to these hotels and directly ask for the availability of any coupons. They will not be treated as second grade customers but as equal to the others...!

  2. This is surely a great initiative. I didn't know about it until they asked the question in Sell Me the Answer.


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