Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bihar Assembly Election 2015 Various Exit Poll Results

The Bihar Assembly Elections 2015 is much different from the earlier elections and has much significance this time as it is a great battle between two rival forces combined together. Hence it is not only a matter of interest for the people of Bihar but also to the Indian community throughout the world. As the Bihar Assembly Polls 2015  a 'do or die' battle for the ruling BJP led by PM Narendra Modi and the election results will have huge impact on the so called 'Modi wave' which the RSS and the Sangh Parivar claims and boasts of. Hence as per allegations, the Central government has used all its power and might and left no stones unturned  for gaining the power in Bihar through hook or crook...!

The 2015 Elections to the Bihar Assembly was held in five long phases which tested the patience of the people. And as the last phase is completed today, different survey companies have come forward with their predictions in the form of 'EXIT POLL RESULTS'. After the results of the Delhi Assembly Elections earlier this year, people lost their faith in the exit polls as none of their predictions resulted or came closer to the actual results after the counting of votes.

How ever, to satisfy the curiosity of those interested temporarily to some extend to know the Bihar Assembly Election 2015 Various Exit Poll Results, here we are listing the EXIT POLL RESULTS OF ALL COMPANIES declared today. While some of them predict a photo-finish result, some of them give some weight to the NDA and many others say that the Grand Alliance (GA) will win a simple majority.

Total Seats: 243
Simple majority: 122 

Exit Poll Company          G A (JDU+) - NDA (BJP+)  

News X                         : 130-140     -  90-100  
News Nation                 : 122           - 117
Times Now - C voter      : 122           - 111
India TV                       : 112-132     - 101-121

India Today - Cicero poll: 111-123    - 113-127
Aaj Tak                         : 117           - 120
News24-TodaysChanakya:  83           - 155

Lets wait and see how far these exit polls are dependable.

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