Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kerala Civic Election 2015 Results. Why and How LDF leads? Shock treatment for UDF?

The final results of the 2015 Elections held to the Kerala Local bodies viz. Gram / Block / District Panchayats , Municipalities and Municipal corporations gave a shock treatment to the over-confident UDF and a satisfactory victory for the LDF which was struggling hard to win the verdict of the people for many years. Though the victory is not very tremendous, the shock treatment it gave to the UDF is beyond repair and a bad signal for the coming Assembly Polls which is due in 2016.

There are many factors that influence the victory or defeat in an election specially in a scholarly state like Kerala. All political parties have their own members, fans and ardent sympathizers. But the ones who decide in an election is those who do not have any permanent affiliation or inclination to a particular political party. 


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