Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2016: Who will Win? DMK or AIADMK Alliance?

Elections in India are not a mere matter of prestige or just a run for power and positions. It is something more than that. It is a 'do or die' battle for survival. In states like Tamil Nadu, the intensity of the electoral battle will be severe. The loser will be subjected to severe hardships by the winner. Hence to remain in power or to enter in positions, the politicians go to any extreme and resort to taking any steps without leaving no stones unturned.  

With regard to doing corruptions both leading parties like DMK and AIADMK have proven their skills. But no party in India could equal AIADMK chief and incumbent Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in indulging in huge scams some of which sent her to jail even when she was in power. But she could succeed to some extend in winning the appreciations of many average people, who are not much bothered about huge scams, by offering them some sops. 

To capture the lost position in the government, the DMK party and to retain in power for another 5-years-term, the AIADMK are making many strategies. Many big and small parties are seen making many plans either to rule or to be with the rulers. Apparently many parties are hesitant to make any ties with the BJP fearing it will do more bad than good.

Already the Congress and the DMK have entered in to a pact. And actor turned politician Vijayakanth's DMDK is also likely to join the DMK-Congress alliance. Many smaller parties also are joining this alliance, the fight is expected to be a tough one.

Who will win more seats and form the government in the Chennai St George Fort is not predictable at this stage. Even though many survey companies and news channels would conduct poll surveys and opinion polls, they too cannot be taken for granted. What is in the minds of people and which party will form the governement in Tamil Nadu will be revealed on May 19th, 2016.


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