Monday, May 16, 2016

Kerala / Tamil Nadu / Puducherry 2016 Election Exit Poll RESULTS

And finally the judgement day is over after a long battle of around 2 months! As the beautiful term 'democracy' is being given a dirty meaning by the selfish and cruel politicians, every elections are literally seeing the murder of democracy for the benefits of these politicians. As a result of this, every elections are taking an ugly face. And the situation will be worse in the polls to come in future. As the formation of some fronts were done against values and principals, people are struggling hard to suppress their eagerness to know who all will win and who all will lose. Unlike the earlier elections, the government in the center is also keen to find whether the so called 'Modi wave' (which was projected 2 years ago) is still prevailing in the Indian states.

All the candidates who contested and the political parties reiterated the same statements which they have been making from the first day of their campaigning that they will win and their parties will form the governments. If the words of the leaders are to be taken seriously, there will be many governments in every state like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. All UDF Leaders (except disloyal congress leader C N Balakrishnan) very strongly stated that the UDF government in Kerala will have a continuation of government, while all the LDF leaders stated that the there is a strong wave favouring the LDF. All the third front NDA leaders also expressed similar positive opinions.

The same statements were witnessed in Tamil Nadu state also. While CM Jayalalithaa said that the AIADMK will secure majority to form government, the DMK front also said similar statement that they will win more seats to form the next government in Tamil Nadu.

As the voting is completed by and large peacefully, and all the stake holders are finding it very difficult to control their anxiety until the counting day on May 19, they will turn to the various exit polls and post poll opinion surveys. Here are the results of the various exit poll results of Kerala and Tamil Nadu elections:


1. India Today - Axis:

   UDF: 38 - 48
   LDF: 88 - 101
   NDA:  0 - 03
   IND:   1 - 04

2. C-Voter:

   UDF: 54 - 62
   LDF: 74 - 82
   NDA:  0 - 04
   IND:   0 

3. India TV:

   UDF: 58 
   LDF: 78 
   NDA:  2
   IND:   2

4. Today's Chanakya:

   UDF: 57
   LDF: 75
   NDA:  8
   IND:   2

5 . News Nation:

   UDF: 68 - 72
   LDF: 67 - 71
   NDA:  0 - 02
   IND:   0


1. Axis - My India: 

    DMK +  : 124 - 140      
    AIADMK:   89 - 101
    PWF      :      n/a
    BJP       :     0 - 03
    OTHERS:      4 - 08

2. News Nation:

    DMK +  : 114 - 118   
    AIADMK:   95 - 99
    PWF      :   12 - 16
    BJP       :     0 - 01
    OTHERS:     5 - 09


1. Axis - My India:

    Congress + : 15 - 21
    AIADMK      : 01 - 04
    AINRC        : 08 - 10
    OTHERS      :  0 - 02


  1. we are a nation perceptually in election mode,

  2. I hope the winning party is worth it.

  3. So exit polls went off the target in Tamilnadu while turned out correct in Kerala.

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