Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Opinions on PM Modi's Demonetization and Currency Notes ban 2016

The sudden and unexpected announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November, 2016 banning 500 and 1000 Indian currency denominations with immediate effect was an unusual and surprising one. The reason for the ban is stated to eliminate the unaccounted black money hoarded by certain people. The result of this demonetization decision affected heavily almost all sections of the society. It literally paralyzed the whole economical system terribly. However the opinions and feedback of the people on this move are mixed.

Three weeks have passed since the implementation of big notes ban and putting a limit to the amount that can be withdrawn daily particularly by the common man, and by this time most average people living in every nook and corners of the country are affected very much.  The opinions of the people of the country on this move is different. While most of the members of the ruling NDA alliance (excluding some persons like BJP MP Sathrugnan Sinha who raise their voices without any fear) and its sympathizers praise the move as a 'bold' one, popular leaders like Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Bengal CM Mamatha Banerjee have been opposing it strongly from the day 1, terming it as an anti-people policy aimed to benefit only the multi million corporate companies like reliance and Adani that are associated with the prime minister and his BJP party. The Congress and the Communists have expressed support to any move to curb black money but are opposing the way in which it is being implemented.

As a whole the people of the country (even though they are corrupt in their individual level) want to put an end to corruption. Most people want to see an India free of corruption. The majority of the population are welcoming any such moves to clean-up the country and are willing to undergo any hardships for the betterment of the country. It is evident and proved now that the demonetization process was implemented without proper pre-planning and studies, which has led to this present chaos. We are witnessing a lot of resentment and strikes against the demonetization. People who fight against corruption need to self-examine whether he/she is honest. 

Another section of the society that has come forward to openly praise the prime minister is the corrupt politicians and celebrities like Mohanlal who want to get noticed by the prime minister to escape from the number of investigations in which they are involved and to get an immunity over their huge black money hoarded inside and out side the country. When all corrupt-free political leaders and others are showing courage to raise their voices against the inexplicable hardships forced on to the people particularly the poor, those that are corrupt are forced to raise their voice of support to those who implemented it, saying it is a 'brave step'.

There is an allegation that this sudden and unexpected demonetization process is a part of the secret agenda that the prime minister Modi and his political partner Amit shah has. Many people have openly stated that this move is for the benefit of a handful of corporats who are behind Modi, who think they can control the majority of the foolish voters with the power of their money.

There is another allegation that this move which the government claims to have kept a secret, was known to the BJP party leaders and they were shown exhibiting the new 2000 currency bundles much before they were implemented in social medias. Some political parties opine that the BJP wanted to take undue advantage of the forthcoming UP elections and wanted to tight other opponent parties by implementing money control. 

People are also asking where is the black money deposited in Swiss banks that the prime minister had promised to unearth, bring back and distribute Rs. 15 lakh each to all the people of the country. Even though the list of the illegal depositors is out, why no action is being initiated..?

Demonetization 2016, is a bold and brave move by the prime minister if the intention behind it is good, even though there are a lot of failures in its implementation and a lot of hardships to the people because of it. The people will forget all their pains once the fruit of the object is achieved and praise everyone who is behind it and term it as a historical move. On the other hand, if it is done keeping in mind other hidden agendas, the people will surely forget those who implemented it and time will reward them suitably...!


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