Thursday, October 5, 2017

'BOBY BAZAAR' By Boby Chemmanur International

Noted Social Worker and one of Kerala's leading and reputed Gold Business tycoons Dr Boby Chemmanur is venturing into a novel business model that is going to benefit thousands of women in particular and millions of Indian villagers in general. Boby Chemmanur International Business Group has founded a Charitable Trust to render services, as part of their social commitment and are giving free partnership opportunity to the rural women of India to become prestigious partners of this project by name 'Chemmanur Women Partners'! 

As per the proposed plans of the promoters, 'Boby Chemmanur International Charitable Trust' is aiming to contribute for the 'women empowerment' by providing job for about 300000 Indian women by making them free partners of the 2900 proposed super markets to be established in the rural India titled as 'Boby Bazaar'. 

As these fully loaded hypermarkets are to charge only 1% profit the people are also going to benefit greatly. They will get high quality goods for very low rates (much lesser than MRP). These department stores also extend free home delivery for the consumers. And the profit of these malls are to divided among the women partners only!

Dr Boby Chemmanur who has been doing commendable job is developing his business considerably and his enviable growth, both socially and financially has gained him many enemies who are playing ugly games to ruin his business and image. He could also conquer the hearts of the people with his liberal outlook, social obligation and various personal achievements and activities. 

With the launching of the new super bazaar project, which will be a great boon to scores of rural people, many existing businessmen who have been plundering the pockets of the helpless men may be affected, and there are possibilities for them also  to join the enemy gang. But any act or deed that is initiated with a good motive cannot be destroyed even though they may try to create troubles and issues..! 

Let this noble undertaking be a great success and serve as an eye-opener to the wealthy and affluent to take a look around them and to give back to the society what they can...! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Vengara by-election 2017. List of Candidates: The winner is...

As the countdown for the Vengara by elections scheduled  to be held on October 11 is nearing, all the parties concerned are holding hectic electioneering and making special strategies, as the political scene this time is bit different from the earlier ones. Vengara Assembly Constituency in Malappuram District of Kerala used to be one of the surest forts of Indian Union Muslim League which is the strongest part of the UDF. But this time as there is a rebel candidate for the IUML who claims to be capable of dividing the voter bank and defeating the official candidate.

The Final List of Contestants after the last date of withdrawal of Nominations:

1. K.N.A Khader (Muslim League) UDF

2. P.P. Basheer   LDF

3. K. Jayachandran  BJP

4. K.C Naseer   SDPI

5. K. Hamsa  IND

As it is a matter of prestige for the ruling LDF and the incumbent UDF to win the seat, it is the desire of the BJP also to increase their vote share to  understand the graph of their growth in Kerala. 

Muslim League is also little worried of the rebels who dared to raise their voice against the leadership in choosing the candidate. If they happen to lose in Vengara, it will be too much for them and the UDF to bear!

The ultimate winner will be decided on the day of the counting of votes. Until the voting is completed anything can happen..!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Who will be the next (14th) President of India? Kovind or Meira

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The final scenario is clear for the elections to the top most post in the Indian Republic. The electoral college is gearing up for the voting of the 14th President of India. BJP's so called election-winning brains Prime minister Modi and party president Amit Shah have hurriedly decided and declared Ram nath Kovind who was earlier the Dalit Morcha president as NDA's presidential candidate in order to shut the mouths of the disgruntled allies like Shiv sena and the anti-modi faction within the BJP who were working to field senior and accepted leader Advani. 

On the other side, to counter the BJP's dalit political card, 17 opposition parties under the leadership of Congress (I), CPI(M) and Trinamool Congress etc decided to field former Lok sabha speaker Meira Kumar as the opposition's presidential candidate. Even though Meira Kumar is more capable and popular than Kovind and she is the daughter of a great dalit leader, Even though Kovind appears to have an edge in the electoral college as of now, considering many facts beyond politics, Meira Kumar is also expected to give a tough fight.

The sudden selection and announcement of Kovind as their candidate by BJP leadership was a big surprise for the opposition parties who were being contacted by them for finding a common candidate in consensus who is accepted by one and all. It was not surprising to see many political parties and their corrupt heads like TDP's Chandra Babu Naidu, TRS's Chandrasekhar Rao, YSRCP's Jagan Mohan Reddy, AIADMK's Edappadi Palanisami etc who are all involved in many charges and fear the wrath of p m modi and his 'own' government. The country and the whole world is witnessing how the rulers of the country are laying traps and nooses for all those who oppose, criticise or raise voice against their hidden agendas. So all the leaders and people who have something to fear should support any move taken by these powerful persons. 

But it was quite surprising for all concerned the way in which Bihar CM Nitish Kumar offering his party's support for NDA's Rashtrapati candidate without holding any dialogues with the other opposition parties or his allies. Nitish Kumar's move is very surprising because he is the one who pitched the suggestion of fielding a suitable candidate by the 'grand alliance' opposition parties. It is more surprising to know that he is not heeding to the plea of his 'brother' Lalu Prasad Yadav to reconsider his decision and extend support to the opposition's common candidate. This decision of Nitish has made people guessing why he is very stubborn in his announcement. Is he too have a noose around his neck or is he expecting something...?

As historical blunders are being committed by people in many parts of the world in the recent times, even India cannot expect something different. Lets wait till July 17th and watch for the outcome...!

Monday, April 17, 2017

UDF Landslide Victory in Malappuram Bypoll. Candidates and Votes

In Malappuram Lok Sabha Parliament By-election, the IUML candidate of the UDF, P K Kunhalikkutty secured a stunning and remarkable victory. 

The victory of UDF's Muslim League Candidate in Malappuram Parliamentary constituency by-election held on 12th April, 2017 was expected and predicted in another post in this blog. It is proved 100% correct. PK Kunjalikkutty defeated his nearest rival M B Faizel of LDF and secured an overwhelming majority of 1,71,078...!

This stunning result of UDF is a direct and clear indication to the Pinarayi's dictator rule in the state as already announced by the CPI(M) leadership. Had the LDF government in the state been pro-poor and people friendly, even if the UDF secured a victory in Malappuram Loksabha by-election, the margin would not have been this much huge, despite some Muslim parties extending their open support for LDF before the elections.

Now as the message of the people of Kerala is clear, the only alternative left with the CPI(M) is to replace Pinarayi Vijayan with V S Achuthanadandan or some other capable and corrupt-free leaders form the LDF and make him as the Chief Minister of Kerala. This may help to heal the wounds caused in the minds of people who trusted Pinarayi Vijayan and were terribly dismayed. 

If Pinarayi Vijayan truly considers the party interests more than his personal interests, he should volunteer to quit the CM's office taking into consideration the feeling of the people of Kerala through this Malappuram verdict. If he justifies himself and tries to cling on his position, it will only help to distance many activists and sympathizers from the LDF. Those leaders who act as 'spoons' of Pinarayi like Kodiyeri Balakrishanan, M M Mani, G Sudhakaran, K K Sailaja are only increasing the damage being caused by the government by their blind flattering. 

Below is the Final Results / List of the Malappuram Loksabha By-poll, 2017.

      Candidate Name:         Votes bagged:  Margin:   Percentage

1.  P K KUnhalikutty (UDF)    5,15,330      1,71,028   55.04%

2.  M B Faisal           (LDF)     3,44,307                      36.77%

3.  Sree Prakash      (NDA)       65,675                       07.01%

4.  NOTA                                   4,098

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Best Catering and Event Management Services in Kerala: Maliyeckal

The time has been changing rapidly. Until few decades ago, any celebration, pertaining to a house or family was considered as an affair of the neighborhood in most places in India, particularly in Kerala. Not only the kith and kin of the celebrant family, but also the entire neighborhood used to gather voluntarily and carryout the entire events with an untold responsibility with great pomp and gaiety, without any differences of any kind. In short, any celebration in one family was a merrymaking time for the other families also surrounding that family.

Changes in this attitude started showing from the 1990s more evidently from the birth of the new millennium ie 2000 AD. Money power increased in some people and this slowly widened the gap between the haves and have nots. People grew more and more selfish and they started constructing walls around their boundaries. 

When money became everything in the life of man, and people became fully engaged in the task of making more and more money, they don't want to waste their 'valuable' time to plan or conduct anything else. So when the suitable time comes for the wedding of their children (or any other occasion) in their family, they search for the right party that will perform the work very responsibly and beautifully. There are many corporate and small parties involved in the work of providing 'catering and event management services' for the needy people almost everywhere. As food is the most important factor that assess the standard of the function, everyone is keen to get the best party to serve food to their guests.

In Kerala also there are a number of such event management and catering service establishments ranging from small to large. But to identify the right and best firm and entrust the work to it is a difficult task indeed. Most people will get a first-hand experience of such services only after engaging and experiencing their services at lest once. Because one cannot risk the rare and special ceremonies held in their families. 

In the central Travancore region of Kerala, one can relay upon one such establishment named "Maliyeckal Caterings and Event Management Services". Their services are well liked and accepted by the people living in the districts of Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, and Idukki specially the areas such as Seethathode, Chittar, Perunadu, Vadasserikkara, Ranni, Kottayam, Erumely, Kanjirappally, Mundakkayam, Mylapra, Konni, etc, etc. they are extending their services for more than 10 years in a commendable manner. 

Maliyeckal Caterers were chosen by the authorities to serve food to the VVIPs of India and abroad when they attended the inaugural celebrations of the silver jubilee of Nilackal St Thomas Church in January 2011. They are the most preferred caterers by one and all because they serve very delicious food prepared with utmost care and quality filled with love and ethics, in very hygienic conditions.

Maliyeckal caterings is founded and headed by Mr Joseph Maliyeckal and is being directed by Soji Joseph. They find pleasure in seeing the satisfaction in others. Their selfless services and dedication has grown the firm into a fullfledged one within a decade. It is one of the few such organizations to have necessary legal licences from the 'Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)'. Their services are available for any occasion whether indoor or outdoor. They have a vast list of menu to choose for any auspicious occasions. Or they prepare any custom item as per the wish of the client. They have well experienced and specially talented chefs who can prepare any dish whether it is continental, Chinese, Indian, South Indian, or traditional Kerala foods. They extend their unstinted services for any size of gathering ranging from large thousands to small hundreds. Even the average person can engage their services at most affordable cost without compromising on quality and taste.

Those who want any Event Management and/or Catering Services for any occasion can contact the following numbers for booking:

Mr. Thomas Joseph (Event Management coordinator): 09447504591

Mr. Joseph M (Caterings): 09495205643

Mr. Soji Joseph:  9947668353

Friday, March 31, 2017

Malappuram Lok Sabha By-election April, 2017: Winner is...?

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Unlike the elections conducted in other Constituencies of  India, Malappuram Lok Sabha by-poll scheduled for April 12, 2017 does not give much curiosity in the minds of the people to know its results. It is because, in the normal sense, the victory of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) candidate is sure and confirmed in this Muslim populated Parliament constituency.

The only matter of interest for the people is to know the margin of votes polled by the Muslim League candidate P K Kunjalikutty, whether it is more than that was bagged by his predecessor late MP, E Ahamed in the Lok Sabha polls held in 2015. Because the latter had made a stunning victory with a huge margin of 1.94 lakhs over the CPI(M) candidate P K Sainaba.

P K Kunhalikutty is the most popular face in the Muslim League Party (and the UDF) and it will be his desire (and a golden opportunity) to set a record margin in this elections to prove his popularity. 

On the other side, CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and some other LDF leaders have stated that the outcome of this election will be an assessment of the LDF rule in the state under Pinaryi Vijayan. This statement will obviously necessitate them (even though they cannot dream a victory) to increase their candidate's Adv M B Faizal's vote share and to decrease the UDF candidate's votes bagged.

It is a matter of interest for those interested to know the number of votes collected by the BJP candidate Adv N Sreeprakash. If he can increase the number or percentage of votes, the credit will go to PM Modi and Amit Shah. If it happens to decrease, all the blame will fall upon poor Kummanam Rajasekharan.

Lets wait for two more weeks to know the exact picture.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Kerala Police a Big Failure Under Pinarayi Vijayan - Loknath Behara?

The Kerala Police was compared to the Scotland Yard Police few decades ago. Before the invention and use of latest modern technological products and gadgets, some cases investigated and unearthed by the Kerala Police Personal literally stunned not only the people of the country, but also the world. Many a times they got their clue to the incidents from a small piece of waste paper or a piece of thread. Many films were also made basing the cleverness of this Kerala Police.

But now-a-days, the sudden rise of criminal activities that are taking place in Kerala and the incapability of the police is making everyone wonder and ask whether the police that is employed by the people of Kerala and receiving salaries from the people, are there to protect the life and property of the people. Kerala Police has become a matter of shame and partner and protector of criminals and goons these days. Whose is the fault?

It is quite funny to understand that the Kerala Police is struggling to identify and nab the culprits who killed Mishel Shaji in Ernakulam recently, even though the family of the deceased collected a lot of video footages and other crucial evidences (which the police could not collect)!

The chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan is holding the home ministry portfolio that is in charge of the police departemnt. As soon as he took charge, he removed DGP Senkumar (who was considered and proved as a clean and efficient officer) and appointed Loknath Behara in his place. People are now asking whether this controversial appointment was to place a person who will be loyal to the CM and carryout his wishes without a question! The CM is not bothered about the popular opinion of the people that Kerala is becoming a totalitarian state!

Some people are asking whether there is a police department in Kerala state? Inspite of the heinous crimes and murders are rising rapidly, the higher officials remain safe by making some statements admitting 'police failure' and suspend one or two small officers (to induct them back after this heat is over!) The Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan whom the people gave their mandate expecting a lot, remain stubborn in his statements by trying to describe all the deaths as 'suicides' to protect the accused persons who are affluent and having some association with his CPI(M) party. 

On the other hand, the Chief minister is seen praising and supporting repeatedly the vigilance director Jacob Thomas (he is using even the legislative Assembly for this purpose) on his actions of vengeance attributed against all the IAS officers of the state. Jacob Thomas was considered as an honest and fearless officer early, but now he has spoiled and damaged his own image by indulging in cheap personal vendetta of very low grade in the name of stopping corruption!

Just see how many burning issues rocked Kerala recently where the Government and Police were either found supporting the culprits or being in a state of silence and helplessness, due to the involvement of CPIM activists or the accused having CPIM association!

Not only the oppositions, but many personalities including Police Complaint Authority Chairman Justice Narayana Kurup, veteran CPI(M) Leader VS Achuthanandan and many CPI leaders are criticizing strongly the indifferent attitude of the government and the police in many cases.

There is a feeling in some elected persons that they are safe until the end of their terms. People (not only Communist sympathizers) put a lot of faith in the LDF and Pinarayi Vijayan and elected to power, expecting that they would do justice to their roles. If they do not heed to the cries of the public, they should listen to the voices of their conscience at least to get a permanent spot in the peoples minds! Otherwise, time will teach them a fitting lesson! (Not only them, but also the other members in the ministry and government, who are doing exceptionally well)!