Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Modi-Amit Shah Government to witch-hunt other parties in India?

The 23rd Government in India headed by BJP's Narendra Modi and Amit Shah was formed in May end 2019 after the general parliament elections in which they bagged a victory which none including them ever expected. There are many people who still strongly believe that the stunning victory of Modi's second term was the result of the undue support of the various government departments including the election commission of India, the disintegration of the EVMs and large scale irregularities reported at the counting centers/strong rooms etc. 

According to people's opinions, the first Modi government which literally caused irreparable damage to the country appears determined to carry on and  complete some agenda during this second term in a hurry. There are many people belonging to all walks of life, organisations, communities, medias, journalists, political parties, thinkers, writers and true patriots inside and outside the country watching with anxiety the plight of the country and its diminishing values, ideologies and economy. Many people are of the opinion that the constitution of India which is considered as one of the best in the world will be altered and changed according to the convenience of some rulers. Even though no constitutional amendments are officially initiated, secularism appears as if it does not exist and communal unrest and disharmony is prevailing in most parts of the country particularly in the central and some northers states.

There are many impartial people who fear that the Modi government is working slowly for the abolition of Democracy in India and to make the system of Indian government similar to that of North Korea or China when they see all opposition leaders are witch-hunted using the machinery of the state. This is to send a terror signal to the other political leaders either to attract them to the BJP fold in a cheap and unethical manner or to shut their mouths without criticising the government or its party or leaders.

The leaders of opposition representing all political parties (except those formally or informally backing the NDA's moves) in the country are aware that they will be booked under some fake cases shortly. So every day one can witness leaders belonging to other political parties jumping to the BJP fold for safety, security, immunity and prosperity.

The recent dramatic incidents shown to arrest top Congress leaders P Chidambaram and D K Shivkumar is a warning to the other political leaders who oppose the whims and fancies of the government. Many national leaders belonging to Congress party and other parties like TMC, AAP, TRS, TDP etc are gripped by fear and are awaiting for the consequences of opposing the BJP.

It is a good and commendable move if a government shows courage to take stern action against corrupt leaders however big they are. But when corrupt people join the BJP, immediately all actions initiated against them will be stopped. This is what had happened in the case of the four Rajya Sabha Members of the Telugu Desam party who joined the BJP after the general elections. When MPs Y S Chowdary, C M Ramesh, T G Venkatesh and G Mohan Rao were in the TDP party they were hunted and raided by the CBI and IT departments, but when they joined the BJP on June 20th 2019, they immediately became धार्मिक and holy and those very departments who were hunting them started saluting them!!! When asked by another leader about this during a TV debate, the BJP chief or spokesman's reply was that they have less members in the Rajya sabha and they need to increases it!

With such unethical, illegal and dishonest activities the BJP is sending an open message to all the leaders of the opposition parties, "if you want to be safe and tension-free, join the BJP or be prepaid to face severe consequences..." 

Who (which leader) will be jumping the party ship next ..?

It can be Shashi Tharoor the Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram and/or Jyotiraditya Scindia from Madhya Pradesh, or anyone who may think there won't be any political future in their present party and who fears that they can be hunted anytime unless and otherwise they perform the sacred act of party-switching!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Pala by-election on 23 September, 2019: Who / which party will win?

When there are 6 assembly constituencies in Kerala without a member to represent in the legislative assembly, the announcement of the election commission to hold the by-election to Pala constituency in Kottayam district of Kerala at a separate date before the others has already received criticisms from many people and political leaders. The election commission of India which received wide reproval for its biased stand in the past parliament elections appears to be not bothered about all these allegations. Anyhow as per the decisions of some and the announcements of the EC, the voting to Pala assembly constituency will be held on September 23rd 2019 and the counting of votes will be done on September 27th and the results will be declared on the same day.

Pala bypoll 2019 became necessitated due to the demise of its one and only MLA K M Mani who was its member since the formation of the constituency in 1965 and thereafter until his death in 2019. Though Pala constituency is a strong hold of Kerala Congress (M), the previous victory of K M Many was with a comparatively smaller margin. 

Who (which party) will win in Pala in this election is a million dollar question at this juncture. People are finding it difficult to make their guesswork or express their opinions due to many factors now, as political atmosphere is in a muddled state in Pala. Probably bypoll to Pala may be one of the most interesting byelections in 2019!

The war for chairman's position within the Kerala Congress (M) by Jose K Mani and P J Joseph factions is the biggest challenge to that party in particular and to the UDF in general. If Nisha Jose is announced by Jose K Many, there are chances for P J Joseph to clash and field another candidate. Even this conflict will definitely affect the chances of the the UDF which otherwise can create and encash the K M Mani sympathy wave for a colourful victory.

Another factor that will affect adversely the UDF is the divided stands by the Congress leaders like Sasi Tharoor M P and the attacks by other leaders like K Muraleedharan M P. Disobedience of the leaders to the authority is a major challenge for the party that will distance some nuetral voters from it.

The LDF's Mani C Kappen is an accepted candidate who proved his might in the previous assembly poll battle by reducing considerably the vote margin of K M Mani who was like an undisputed titan. But as the present government by Pinarayi Vijayan has been proving to be a very big failure mainly due to the highhandedness of the police and DYFI/SFI, most of the people are waiting eagerly to see the end of the LDF government in Kerala.

The above conditions will work favourably for the NDA who otherwise has lesser chance to bag a victory in a place like Pala. The candidature of P C Thomas who is accustomed to Pala, the support of P C George who also has considerable hold on Pala (though his stand not predictable) and the huge campaigns of state and national goliaths, etc may make it difficult for predicting the outcome of this election. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sriram Venkataraman -the smartest criminal- dupes a state

At last it happened as feared by the whole state. 

The doctor turned IAS officer Sreeram venkitaramen had received the appreciation and backing of the people of Kerala for his uncompromising stand against the land encroachment in Munnar as a honest officer while serving as the sub-collector of Devikulam. In his pursuit of fulfilling the above task, he had to face strong resistance from the politicians particularly the local MLA and minister of the ruling CPI(M) party. However he was very stern in his stance and at last the government accepted defeat and was forced to transfer him from that post. This made him a hero among the law-abiding citizens of the state and country. 

Recently in the wee hours of August 3rd after a party, when he was driving the car of a woman (with her beside him) in high speed in a fully drunk state slammed into the motor bike of a journalist and killed the journalist on the spot. When police arrived the spot, he tried to put the blame on the woman and escape by saying she was behind the steering. But the woman herself and some eye-witnesses foiled the attempt by asserting that it was he who was driving the vehicle in an inebriated condition. Later he used his influence in the police station and escaped alcohol test (both breath and blood/urine test). As the victim was the unit head of a Malayalam daily, the media which was present at the scenes was updating the developments. This made the people know the true colour of the person who was acting as a genuine officer and whom they were quoting as an icon, was duping them. So they were watching the developments keenly. Later all what he was doing to cover his guilt was very shameful and disgraceful. 

At last the whole state was closely observing whether he would succeed in getting bail. The news of his bail confirmed that he succeeded once again in deceiving the whole state using his influence and the illegal help of his culpable connections. The whole nation was watching curiously to see how the culprit who is a gifted actor escape easily with his (and his friends') master plan. Everyone including the accused and the CJ magistrate knew pretty well that Sriram Venkataraman was fully drunk while committing the crime. Even though the Chief minister of the state (who is also the police minister) and the DGP assured that the culprit will not escape however big he is, he has proved his capacity before the whole state and is challenging them.

Consuming alcohol is not forbidden by law in Kerala. But driving a vehicle in an intoxicated condition is unlawful. In the unfortunate accident one poor and valuable life was lost, only because of the illicit activities of Sreeram. People are of the opinion that if he had minimum character and little ethics, he would have humbly accepted the price of his illegitimate activities truthfully.

Congratulations Sreeram, people say that you have a bright future in the Indian politics to rule the country soon.... Hope to see you in the party that welcomes criminals who need immediate help and refuge! After attaining power, you may repay your gratitude to the great IAS officers, police officers and the doctors of Kerala who smartly saved you from the law of the land, and can reward them suitably!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Sriram Venkataraman's drunken overspeed driving kills journalist

The car accident in which a poor journalist on his motor-bike was pathetically killed by present Kerala state survey director and former Devikulam Sub-collector Sriram Venkitaraman who was in a highly inebriated condition (according to eye witnesses) is very sad and shocking. This incident will be very difficult for the people of the state to believe as Dr Sreeram venkattaraman was loved and backed by majority of the Malayalees as he was considered as an upright officer who preached to practice the law of the land strictly with his stern stand against the land encroachment sharks in Munnar during his previous term as the sub-collector.

According to media and eyewitness reports, in the wee-hours of today, a Volkswagen car driven at high speed by Sriram Venkataraman with a woman beside him collided with a bike ridden by the ill-fated journalist from Malappuram named K M Basheer working as the bureau chief of a Malayalam daily news paper Siraaj in Thiruvananthapuram.

At a time when the central government had passed days before 'The motor vehicle (Amendment) Act 2017' with stringent punishments for offences committed while driving on roads, drunken driving by a responsible person like Sriram Venkitaramen is highly contemptible. As culprits usually do, he too tried to deny the fact to escape the severe consequences, saying that his woman friend was driving the car. But eyewitnesses rebuked this claim. And the cctv captures are to be examined by police. His hasty steps to send the woman to her home by a call taxi has also increased the doubts in the minds of the people that whether she was also drunk!

With this incident, the image in the minds of some law abiding people of Kerala for Dr Sriram venkattarame IAS has broken as he, who used to act as a strict officer in implementing law and order has become a cruel killer of an innocent person by not abiding the same law of the land. People are asking whether this is the dark private side of a public celebrity figure...?

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kreupasanam Dhyana Kendram latest news and social media trolls

Kreupasanam Retreat Centre which is situated beside the Kochi-Thiruvananthapuram high way in Kalavoor in Alappuzha in Kerala has become the talk of the town these days. It is a Marian Shrine where Blessed Virgin Mother of Lord Jesus appeared to one devoted Catholic Priest by name Rev Fr Joseph Valiyaveettil also called as VP Achchan on 7th December, 2004. The huge number of miracles happening there every day is a simple proof of the Marian Apparition!

As this Shrine has turned to a center of immediate and guaranteed miracles, it has become the last resort of large number of desperate people who lost all hope in life due to various unsolvable problems in life. Obviously this news spreads like wildfire and more and more people throng to this Church expecting some remedy for their burning issues. And when they receive miraculous favours from God through the intercession of Mary Matha, they voluntarily  spread the good news with their kith and kin and thus become the ambassadors of this Center naturally for the fulfilment of their joy and the benefits of their near and dear who are also in similar pathetic conditions.

Seeing the flow of large number of people to this Shrine, a small handful of anti-social and ungodly elements with vested interests lost their sleep and started spreading false propaganda and fake news about this center and their founders. As we know there are some people in the society who cannot digest the happy, prosperous and peaceful lives of their neighbours. All what they can do is to create unrest and try to stop the flow of devotees to receive Divine Blessings. Naturally when they gathered like-minded persons and started spreading some negative news, some media started focusing their cameras to the pilgrim center. Many times without making proper investigations, these print and electronic media create and air their fabricated news with no truth in it for the sake of some 'breaking news'. And the social media trollers will get some satisfaction by sharing some trolls about it.

When I visited the scene and closely observed the events there and interviewed many people I found all the allegations are baseless and are the work of the negative forces to disturb the great work of God. But I feel and believe strongly that no person or powers can succeed in stopping the work of God. 

These are some of my observations about Kreupasanam Marian Shrine collected personally and from numerous persons who visit it.

1. They do not demand or collect any money forcefully for anything. For making Udambadi (covenant) with God (not with the priest as alleged by some) that one will love and serve others and live honestly and responsibly, no money is charged. But the cost of some devotional articles like candles, olive oil, honey etc only is charged.

3. Everything in Kreupasanam is transparent and open. Nothing illegal or unethical things occur there or are encouraged.

2. Free black tea, bread, kanji etc is provided to all who need on fasting days.

3. A miracle is an extra ordinary event which cannot happen in the normal sense. People in large numbers crowd there seeking Divine intervention without any caste, creed, religion or regional barriers. As the enemies blame, no religious conversions take place there. [Ask anyone or watch the testimonial videos of people who got converted from other religions to the Catholic Church to know about the long and slow process one has to go before Holy Baptism is given in the Catholic church.]

4. People belonging to different categories visit this center. Some out of blind faith use Kreupasanam articles in their own way. For example I could see the witness of an old woman who burnt the news paper and applied the ashes on the incurable Psoriasis of her son and got it cured instantly. Hearing such testimonies some persons without proper prayers and faith might have used the Kreupasanam monthly news paper for miracle and might have faced adverse effects.

5. Miracles occur for everyone (if it is good for the person who prays) provided he/she follow certain conditions like abandoning sins and becoming good and praying with belief in God Jesus and His Mother Mary.

Hence it is recommended to all who criticise the Divine work at Kreupasanam to make a visit there and see in person or watch the real testimonials of people who have received numerous miracles from Lord Jesus through the intersessions of Blessed Virgin Mother Mary...!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

P C George MLA: Hero Becomes Zero! The fall of the archangel?

'Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall'! These versus from the Holy Bible (Proverbs 16:18) are used, known and seen being fulfilled throughout the world. Pride and haughtiness has caused to the fall of all people in the world who have patted them. If not immediately pride will surely see that the person who possesses it will have a severe, sometimes fatal fall one day.
Now coming to the topic, P C George is the sitting MLA of Poonjar legislative assembly in Kerala's Kottayam District. He is the uncrowned king of Poonjar. He had been elected by the people of Poonjar five times earlier. But his victory as the current MLA in 2016 was very remarkable and shining. In 2016 George who contested alone (without having any alliance with any fronts or parties) won with a huge majority of over 27,000 votes proving his mettle and acceptance among the people of Poonjar. George's victory in 2016 was the most stunning in the entire state as he fought alone with three powerful fronts namely the UDF, the LDF and the NDA and won with a thumping margin. This grant victory was the result of the love, affection and trust of the people belonging to all communities (particularly the minorities) who thought that he was a strong leader who would stand by them in their needs even though he was a rough, uncouth and untameable person. 
P C George MLA is also known as a political chameleon. He had been with the LDF early and then in the previous UDF government as the government chief whip. He became a burden to the government and front when he started abusing the government of which he was a part. Then the people saw him criticizing the leadership of the Kerala Congress (M) party in which he was a member and tolerated him with surprise and fun believing that he is fair and trustworthy even though he is outspoken and harsh.
But his true color was revealed in the recently concluded parliament elections which made him a 'zero' instantly. Before the elections he apparently approached the LDF and the UDF for an alliance but having previous experience both the fronts were not interested to admit him and this made him to bargain for making an alliance with the BJP. In April 2019 he joined the NDA to help the victory of BJP candidates in Kerala particularly in Pathanamthitta. The BJP which wants to open an account in Kerala state (where religious fanaticism does not work) by hook or crook thought strongly that it could easily get its dream materialized with the help of leaders like P C George. But the people of Kerala gave a fitting response in the concluded elections to the BJP in general and P C George in particular. This has distanced him not only from most of his loyal supporters in the constituency but also from the BJP for which he worked. In the present circumstances, it will be very difficult for him to win again as an MLA from any constituencies in Kerala.

There are some other political chameleons in Kerala too like Vellapally Nateshan, Alphons Kannanthanam, Tom Vadakkan, A. P. Abdullakutty etc who pledge their policies for power and positions. P C George's case must be a lesson for the so called leaders who switch political loyalties for selfish gains if they have some cadre and goodwill in the society...! It is also good if one realizes that Modi-Amit shah BJP which has no concern even for their own senior gurus like Advani and Joshi will never have any regards for people like Alphons!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Best and long lasting gray/white hair Blackening Shampoo is BSY?

Graying of hair is a natural part of life. The Holy Bible says 'Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a righteous life' (Prov. 16:31). It is considered that a person attains maturity and wisdom after reaching certain age in life. An article published by British dermatologists after holding number of experiments state that "by the age of fifty, 50% of the world’s population has at least 50% gray hair". Indian peoples' hair normally starts to turn gray after 40. But thanks to various reasons, graying of hair is found even in youngsters these days. Stress, fast-food culture, side effects of medicines, vitamin deficiencies,  adverse actions of drugs/smoking, genetic reasons etc are found to be some reasons for turning black hair into white in a premature time IE before attaining age 40.

Even though everyone knows that graying of hair is a natural phenomenon while reaching middle-age, most people are not willing to welcome the emergence of  white hair on their heads warmly. So they look for easy, fast and low expensive means to cover their white hair. Hence most people depended upon black hair-dyes introduced by many companies. Most of these dyes even though gave a temporary cover for the white hair which was less at the first time, helped in spreading the graying process very quickly.

Finding that applying and washing hair dyes is little difficult, some companies introduced 'hair colour shampoos' to minimize the trouble. So most people who have been using hair dyes to cover their gray hair regularly have started to switch over to 'blackening shampoos' as using shampoos are comparatively easier and it require less time. But most of the hair colour shampoos do not work as advertised. Some widely publicized brands are found to be less effective in complete covering and lasts only for about a week.

BSY NONI Black Hair Magic is a novel international brand marketed by PRIIS trading company in India. According to the manufactures and marketers claim this black coloring shampoo contains Noni essence which is stated to be very good for the growth and health of the hair. They also claim that it does not contain any harmful ingredients like ammonia. 

People who used BSY Noni Black hair magic opine that it is better than the presently available brands in the markets that are surviving on publicity alone. It lasts for more than 3 weeks for a person who washes head daily and for one month for persons who wash head on alternative days. Most people who are satisfied with the product are of the opinion that it will conquer the market provided the marketers reduce the price in par with its competitor as most of the consumers of BSY noni black hair magic are average persons who cannot afford to buy and use proven advanced western products.

Please share your comments/opinions/reviews below: