Monday, December 9, 2019

DEAL 2020: Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition

The 26th Edition of 'Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure Exhibition' [DEAL] 2020 which is termed as the largest show of its kind in the 'Middle East and North Africa Region' is all set to be held in a spectacular all-new way in the World Trade Centre at Dubai in UAE from March 23-25. The slogan for DEAL is 'Unlimited Business of Entertainment'.

Dates and Timings:

2020 March 23: 10 AM - 6 PM
2020 March 24: 10 AM - 6 PM
2020 March 25: 10 AM - 5 PM

Dubai Entertainment and Leisure Exhibition has been providing the platform for stakeholders to exhibit their interests and the people an absolute amusement for the past 25 years in a commendable way. Year after year they are particular to make the exhibition experience a memorable one, by introducing every latest technology available from around the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people from more than 100 countries were amused by the previous 25th edition of the show in 2019 during which more than 300 internationally acclaimed exhibitors from about 40 countries showcased their products and talents.

DEAL 2020 has opened Registration Links from Both Visitors and Exhibitors.

Visitors, please click this Link to Register early:

Performers / Exhibitors / Companies Can Register here:

As DEAL is popularly considered as an amazing experience for entertainment lovers, it is highly recommended to plan well in advance and make use of this rare opportunity.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

St Antony's Public School Anakkal Admission Open: Apply Online

St Anthony's Public School (SAPS) at Anakkal near Kanjirapally in Kottayam District of Kerala is a prestigious and very successful educational enterprise of the Catholic Diocese of Kanjirappally. The Bishop of Kanjirapally is its Patron while the Vicar of Anakkal St Antony's Parish Church serves as its Manager. SAPS which was established in 1988 is a co-educational English Medium School affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi. 

Ever since its inception, as the result of the collective effort and endeavour of the founders and management, the School continued to achieve its goal of rising to be one of the best among other top schools in the state. And today a fully grown and developed St Antony's School in Anakkal is 'better than the best' schools in the state of Kerala. It is even ranked as the No.1 School in Academic Reputation in 2015. The best facilities and infrastructure, hard work and top results of the students in the final year public examinations, the best discipline, well planned curricular and extra curricular activities, all these contributed to the growth of the school. 

As St Antony's Public School is considered as the most sought-after school in South India, getting an admission there in the higher classes is a Himalayan task. One or two seats in some higher classes fall vacant very rarely due to the unexpected transfer or personal problems of one or two pupils. There will be tough competitions to fill these vacancies. So smart parents join their kids in Nursery, LKG and UKG classes where seats are in plenty and the chances to get one seat is comparatively easy. And the pupils will develop a life oriented education naturally and the parents can lead a carefree life without bothering about their children's future.

Application for Admission can be made online by clicking the website link given below: [This Admission link opens on 16th. So please come back and check later]

To check the entrance results and see the vast number of candidates from St Antony's School who secured admissions in various prestigious colleges in India like IIT, BIT, NIT, IIM, AIIMS, CMC, and other Universities this year and the previous years, please go through this link:

Contact Phone numbers & EMail ID:

Office : 04828 202669/202981 

Admission Helpline : 8129599309


Saturday, December 7, 2019

MAR SLEEVA Medicity, Palai: Current Career Positions / New Job Vacancies

Mar SLEEVA Medical College Hospital in Cherpunkal near Pala is a noble and prestigious initiative of 'The Palai Diocesan Medical Education Trust (PDMET)', one of the humanitarian projects of the Catholic Diocese of Pala in Kottayam District of Kerala. The hospital with a Christian Motto is intended to extend world class healthcare and treatment affordable to all in accordance with the Christian principles. The opening of this Super Speciality Hospital in the central Travancore region of Kerala is considered as a great boon to the people of Kerala as most of the hospitals are started and run on commercial lines now-a-days.

As the primary objective of this Hospital is 'To be a channel of God’s healing power revealed through Jesus Christ, the greatest physician of bodies and souls', every patient is taken care off with utmost love, compassion and kindness. Within just few weeks of inauguration, the management has succeeded in making all specialities up and running in a commendable manner. According to the opinion of people who visited / approached the hospital for treatment, the management is striving hard to meet and keep up all the visions and missions and make it the best health care project in Kerala. Though the Hospital building, ambience, machinery and infrastructure is of world class, the doctor consulting fees is only Rs 50.00 which is unbelievably very low! The other medical expenses are also said to be reasonable.

As Mar Sleeva Medicity is a new Medical College Hospital, there are large number of job vacancies published frequently. The current job vacancies are for senior consultant Doctors in Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Urology with above 8 years experience and consultants in Radiology, Rheumatology and emergency phycisians with or without experience. GNM/BSC (N) with minimu 2 years experience in OT are also required. Those who are interested in securing a job in Mar Sleeva Medical College Hospital can click the below facebook link to get the full details of the new career positions updated there very often. 

As Mar Sleeva Midicity is an institution run by the Catholic Diocesan Management under the patronship of Pala Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt, candidates seeking jobs as staff can expect reasonably good salary, perks and other working conditions along with safety and security. More over working in such a hospital is prestigious matter nationally and internationally and the experience obtained here will be an advantage advantage for the staff while applying for an immigration visa to the dream foreign countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or for a career to the gulf countries. 

Also please watch the official website and job/career listing by Mar Sleeva Medical College Hospital authorities to view and apply for the latest job openings. 


If you wish to know the availability of any vacancy position, you may also contact directly the HR Department through E-Mail:

Phones: For Appointment: 04822 269500 / 700

Emergency/Ambulance Service: 9400885500

Monday, October 28, 2019

Groupism in Congress won in Konni but the UDF candidate lost!

Kerala in India witnessed another result of the ugly groupism strife among the Pradesh Congress leaders along-with the results of the recently conducted by-polls. The pathetic defeat of the UDF candidate to the CPI(M) candidate in Konni Assembly constituency was the latest evidence of the nasty group dissension between the leaders for selfish gains. While selecting and announcing the UDF candidate for the election, each leader of the groups strived hard to get the seat for his favorite candidate.

Konni assembly constituency in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala was being held by the Congress Party for the past 23 years. Following its long time MLA Adoor Prakash winning to the Parliament from Attingal, by-election became necessary and was held. Before officially declaring the candidate, Adoor Prakash who knew very well the pulse of the people, strongly suggested his close confident Robin Peter as his successor to carry on the developmental activities initiated by him.  According to the opinion and wishes of majority of the people of the constituency, Robin Peter was the ideal candidate for contesting from Konni constituency on behalf of the UDF, and his winning chances were very high. 

But as a result of the discord within the Congress leadership, there were some who objected to his candidature and suggested different names. While Adoor Prakash was very adamant regarding the candidature of Robin Peter and was repeatedly saying that his priority was winning chances, the Pathanamthitta DCC and some senior so called leaders like P J Kurian strongly objected to the candidature of Robin Peter and declared P Mohanraj as the UDF's Konni candidate.

The UDF candidate's defeat in Konni was very unfortunate especially at a time when the political atmosphere in Kerala is very much in favour for the Congress and people are vexed with the Pinarayi led LDF government for the increasing number of corruption mostly by the CPI(M) ministers and highhandedness of its activists. Many people are of the opinion that only some ministers belonging to the CPI party in the cabinet are fare.

Many people of Konni legislative assembly never knew the caste or community to which their leader Adoor Prakash belonged until now. He was loved by all people above any religious lines. He is the first one in the area to start many developmental works. Because of this, he automatically became their leader. But by hurting his feelings and recommendations while declaring the candidate, the traditional congress voters and persons without any political affiliation got offended and voted for K U Jenish Kumar (who got a margin of 9953 votes) as he is a youth and hails from an average middle class family.

Anyhow the people of Kerala are comparing what has happened in Konni and Vattiyoorkavu with the old saying, 'the operation was a success but the patient died' with the title of this article, "Groupism in Congress won in Konni but the UDF candidate lost!" Many people also feel that unless some senior leaders in Congress (who are a curse for the party) retire, the party will have no future! 

Above all, the people are angry with the group leaders in Congress party for defeating the UDF candidate and passively helping the LDF candidate's victory and helping the chief minister boast that the victory in the by-election is a referendum for the government.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Love Jihad racket backed by religious and political leaders?

One of the criminal designs of Islamic terrorists to disrupt communal harmony is Love Jihad. It is very much in action in the whole world particularly in India since 2006 when it was first discovered. Most of the national electronic and print media journalists have made through investigations about this heinous act in the past and have published various articles with solid proofs. Some journalists have even interviewed some victims risking their own lives to unearth the facts. 

The term jihad means to fight or destroy the enemies of Islam, and Love jihad is the modus operandi of some terrorist groups to destroy the family fabrics of people belonging to other religions without any battle or bloodshed. Muslim terrorists consider everyone on this planet particularly people having different faiths as their enemy ie the enemy of Islam. Even Muslims belonging to other groups like shia are their enemies. They have a satanic belief that by finishing off the enemies, they are pleasing their god. According to reports and reliable information, in order to achieve this aim, the terrorists recruit a separate wing of young romeos to pretend love and marry girls belonging to other religions like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jains etc. Before these young girls (mostly teenagers) realize that they have been trapped, they will be moved to camps functioning in other states or countries to be converted as muslims and serve the rest of their lives as slaves of these terrorists. Usually fearing further attacks and shame in the society the victims or their families don't come out to report or file complaints about such incidents. 

According to the previous UDF government reports from 2006 to 2012, more than 2500 girls were kidnapped and forcefully converted to islam through love jihad activists.

The recent romeo jihadi attack on some Christian girls in Kerala and Delhi are highly condemnable. What has happened in Kerala was different from the above mentioned method. The criminal who was the class mate of the victim offered her a juice mixed with drugs and raped her and filmed it. Later blackmailing to circulate the video clips of the assault in social media, he compelled her to convert to islam. As the victim girl was brave enough to tell her parents all what had happened and the bold father who was determined to fight this evil, narrated everything to the media expecting their support. But the present day Kerala media for fear or favour are not showing the expected attention and reaction. Surprisingly some news channels who claim to be the leading ones like asianet was seen taking a stand in support of the criminal and further humiliating the victim. People are of the opinion that most of the print and electronic medias in Kerala these days are parts of a syndicate that shows its biased stand to protect the wrongdoers and support the criminals..!

Many political and social leaders nation-wide have been condemning this wicked act of evil and are raising their voices to the authorities to expose the criminal racket behind this. Even though the NIA is investigating to expose the criminals hiding behind the curtain, the state police is seen handicapped may be due to political and social influence. When the law of the land is fully in favour of the victim in a sexual assault case, it is quote shocking to see the silence of the chief minister, other ministers and other political leaders in this matter who often speak about woman empowerment and social justice..! 

Some people and politicians are afraid to raise this love jihad issue fearing that it will disrupt communal harmony or it will attract the wrath of the whole Muslim community. They are thinking that all muslims are involved in such heinous crimes. But actually there are only a small percentage of muslims who are actively or passively backing such terrorists. Majority of Muslims in India, adhere to the tenets of Islam and are peacemongers who love God and like to live amicably with their neighbours. 

Lets hope that the 'truth alone will triumph' and justice will prevail..!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Best Chief Minister in India 2019: Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy (A.P)

India was fortunate to have many selfless, trust worthy and honest political leaders in the past. Those leaders gained lot of content and satisfaction by serving their fellow beings. Because most of them believed in the saying, 'manava seva is madhava seva' and served the people honestly and impartially thinking that they were serving the Almighty God. Even though they had different views and followed different religions or faiths, they all had similar moral principles and believed that one would be answerable to God for each and every actions and he/she has to pay rightly in accordance with his/her deeds one day...!

The people respected these leaders not out of fear, but out of love. Two such regional leaders who created an unfadable image in the hearts of the masses in the recent past were former Tamil Nadu C M, M G Ramachandran (MGR) and former Andhra Pradesh CM, Y S Raja Sekhara Reddy (YSR). The welfare schemes introduced by MGR in T N and YSR in A P made them evergreen heroes in the minds of the generations.

But in the modern days we can see only selfish, corrupt and power mongering leaders who only promise many goodies before the elections and deceive the people. After winning an election they breathe a sigh of relief as they have a long five years term before seeking the mandate of these people again. So most leaders never bother even to remember the promises they gave to the people before the polls. But they work on amassing more wealth and look for ways to secure their position for long.

In these circumstances, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy who received the huge mandate of the people of the state in the last week of May 2019 is different. From the very first day he sworn-in as the chief minister of the state, he has been introducing remarkable welfare schemes that bring smiles in all sections of the society. No one whether it is farmers or business men or officers or employees in the state is left behind from receiving what is promised by him before the 2019 elections. His announcement of change in the duty schedule of the police personal was welcomed with loud cheers. Any corruption allegations pointing even towards the party leaders or workers is seriously dealt with. Non performing government officers are being served strict warnings. Overall there is substantial change in the functioning of the state.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy recently created a new history in India by providing government jobs for 1,26,728 persons on a single day. This is in accordance to his pre-poll manifesto. At a time even when the central government is facing strong criticism for not being able to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed youth, Jagan's move has made him popular in the national level. While announcing and implementing various welfare schemes in a fast phase will cause to imprint his image in the people's minds, it will surely cause uneasiness and sleeplessness in many crooked and opportunist national leaders. This thought is a cause for concern in the minds of the people of A.P..!

Even though some chota leaders in the state like Jana sena's Pawan Kalyan and TDP's Chandra Babu Naidu who lost their image because of their anti people stands and as a result whose most followers left them and became Jagan's fan, blame and criticise Jagan's government now and then, the fact is that 'A.P Chief minster Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is the best Chief Minister in India' as of today.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Mani C Kappan's victory in Pala is Not LDF Govt's referendum

The decisive and historical victory of Mani C Kappen in the 2019 Assembly by-election in Pala was not an unexpected or surprising one. It was anticipated by most of the people who were witnessing the dirty political developments in the Pala constituency and in the Kerala Congress (M) party before, during and after the polling. Even though his vote lead of 2943, over his rival is not a big thing in number, his victory in a constitution considered as a bastion of the Kerala Congress and held by its founder chairman K M Mani for the past 54 years since the formation of the assembly constituency is really tremendous.

The victory of Mani C Kappan who is a leader of NCP and a coalition partner in the ruling left democratic front has begun a new debate in the state connecting Pala election triumph with the LDf government's performance. According to the people's popular opinion, the victory of Mani C Kappan is not a  referendum for the policies and the functioning of the three-years-and-four-months-old Pinarayi Vijayan led LDF government in Kerala, as some party leaders sailing in the LDF ship and the left sympathisers claim. There are several other crucial factors that led to the victory of Mani C Kappen as the MLA in Pala.

Here are some of the reasons that helped him to get an easy win over his opponent, the UDF's Jose Tom:

1. The infighting in the Kerala Congress (M) party leadership for the chairman's post and the disunity among its cadre is considered as the primary reason for the failure of the UDF candidate. 

2. Most people feel that it is Jose K Mani's pride and prejudice that resulted in the divide in the KC (M) party and the shameful defeat of the UDF in its strong-hold.

3. Mani C Kappen is a popular and vibrant candidate in Kerala both as a social activist and as a film producer, actor and director. Whereas Jose Tom, though a veteran leader, was not known even to many people in the other areas of the constituency. So the selection of the candidate was not proper. There is a wrong feeling in the Congress and UDF leadership that people will vote anyone whomever they field as a candidate...!

4. The regular mudslinging activity between the leaders of the UDF and the groupism within the Congress party all have contributed considerably to the failure of their candidate in this just concluded election.

5 The early announcement of the candidate by the LDF and the systematic and collective work of the party-men. But the UDF could announce the name of the candidate very late without coming to a consensus.

Here is the number of votes secured by the candidates:

1. Mani C Kappan (LDF) - 54,137 (won with a lead of 2943 votes)

2. Jose Tom (UDF)         - 51,194

3. N Hari (NDA)             - 18,044

The voters of Pala thus sends a message that in the place of K M Mani, they will not place anyone else but C K Mani and elected him as their representative...!