Thursday, December 1, 2022

The greatest and most powerful mafia leader in Kerala: vellappally nateshan?

vellappally natesan who has smartly hijacked the SNDP Yogam, that was founded by great selfless leaders like Dr Padmanabhan Palpu with the blessings of Sree Narayana Guru for the upliftment of the Ezhava community, is considered as the most notorious mafia leader in Kerala!

In the above video, Shajan Scaria, the chief editor of Marunadan Malayali news channel boldly narrates how this dirty fellow has been deceiving the entire ezhava community, acting as their saviour and plundering them for his selfish gains.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Cherthala to Velankanni KSRTC bus timings & ticket fare

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has started a daily super fast bus service from Cherthala in Alappuzha district to the world famous Marian Shrine Velankanni. It is welcomed by one and all as it will be very convenient for the Marian devotees to make a pilgrimage to India's No.1 Marian pilgrim center, Vailankanni!

As Holy Virgin Mother of Lord Jesus Christ is venerated by all people above religious differences, not only Christians but Hindus and Muslims also throng to Marian Shrines seeking her Blessings and interference in their numerous problems faced in life. Hence it is a good news for all the people of Kerala.

Hereafter to make a visit to Velankanni, a devotee can start from Cherthala and return on the third day in the same bus.

Here is the KSRTC super fast bus timings and schedule:

2.30 pm - Departs from Cherthala (daily)
8.00 am - Arrival in Velankanni Church.

Via: Arthunkal, Chellanam, Kannamali, Ernakulam jetti, Vallarpadam, Kodungalloor, Guruvayoor, Pattambi, Kulappulli, Ottapalam, Palakkadu, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappally, Tanjavoor.

Ticket fare: 

Book your ticket online:

Note: As Kreupasanam is the No.1 Marian Shrine in Kerala, people are requesting the authorities to connect this bus service with Kreupasanam near Alappuzha to Velankanni - the two main Marian Pilgrim centers in India.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Bro Anil Kumar V Ayyappan's powerful talk on contributions of Christian Missionaries

Shocking Love jihad trap at Palakkayam in Palakkad

A well planned love-jihad trap was foiled at Palakkayam near Palakkad in Kerala recently by the timely intervention of a CPI standing council member George Thachanpara and some other socially concerned persons. 

A notorious resort with a European name 'casa-lucio' functioning in that area owned by islamists to carryout illegal and immoral activities and drug business extended unlawful support for the love jihad trap along with the co-operation of the president of thachanpara grama panchayat.

With this incident coming to light, the people living in that are has grown suspicious about the past activities that took place in that resort including anti-national ones. 

Some evil-minded muslims in India are trapping non-muslim girls mainly Christian girls, pretending love, and once they are trapped, a formal marriage is conducted for the sake of the law, and later they are shifted to some terrorist hideouts in different parts of the country and/or to some foreign countries like syria or afghanistan to serve as sex slaves to the jihadis. 

Even though other muslims parties and organizations in India pretend as if they do not vouch to these inhuman activities, none of them openly condemn them. So it must be understood that the love-jihad crime is being fostered with the silent support of all muslim parties!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Gujarat Elections 2022 Pre-poll survey results

Elections to the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assemblies are to be conducted in 2022. The dates of Himachal Pradesh election is declared to be held on November 12, 2022 by the Election Commission of India. But the delay in announcing the Gujarat elections is criticized as giving a suitable and favorable time to the ruling BJP. It is expected that the ECI will announce the dates of the Gujarath Assembly elections this week so as to conduct the polls at least in December this year.

Gujarat being the native state of Narendra Modi and Amit shaw, that state is one of the most important one for that party. And losing power in Gujrat state can never be imagined by the BJP party now. So it is known to one and all that they will use all their political power, and all the state machinery to secure a guaranteed victory with huge majority.

As Gujarat elections are a matter of great interest for all the people, many survey agencies also will conduct many pre poll surveys to know the minds of the people of Gujarat. Some of the survey agencies may be genuine and some paid survey agencies may publish favorable results!

One such survey is conducted by Malayalam News channel Asianet and C 4 (C fore survey) today. 

And as per their predictions, the BJP will get clear majority in the Gujarat assembly elections 2022.

But some other opinion polls published earlier give weightage to AAP in the ensuing elections. The opinion of people is that the Congress party and all other parties that oppose BJP must come to a clear pre poll understanding and fight the BJP together. If they all contest separately, as the prepoll survey predicts, BJP will have a clear victory in Gujarat this time also!

Please add your opinions/comments below:

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Ernakulam-Angamaly rebel priests to form Presbyterian Churches?

Adv Paulachan Puthuppara, a staunch Syro-Malabar Catholic faithful from Angamaly is opining that the rebel group led by some priests and laymen like fr paul thelekkattu, fr kuriakose mundadan, shiju anthony etc who are disobeying the Pope and his Emissary are planning to quit the Catholic Church and form a Presbyterian church with the handful of faithful whom they have trapped!

Many people agree with the opinion of Paulachan and think that it is better if they leave at the earliest.

In his video he also alleges that these rebel leaders consisting of some priests and laymen have received huge kickbacks from jihadis and are acting as their slaves to destroy the Catholic Church.

Anyhow most of the common faithful of the Diocese are always with the Pontiff and the hierarchy of the Syro-Malabar Church.