Saturday, April 30, 2011

Will the world end on May 21, 2011 or Dec 21, 2012..? Or before...?

This news or rumour about the end of the earth is creating panic among the people as even famous scientists from around the world are supporting the predictions for various reasons. The world was created by God Almighty, even if it is not vouched by the so called wise. The ONE who created everything has already foretold about the distruction or end of HIS creations. What ever the Bible has predicted is happening and will happen even if all the people in the world oppose it. Nobody can change or stop the Sayings of the Almighty God.

Whether you believe in the life after death (Heaven and Hell) or not, it is advisable for you to lead a fitting life, avoiding crimes against your neighbours and lead a life with honesty and integrity, as what ever you earn by hookorcrook in this world will be left behind when you are called by the one who gave you life.

Live and let live...!

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