Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anna Hazare's Fight against corruption in Inda

Anna Hazare - the aged veteran congress man deserves applauds. It is his 'one man army' that trembled the ruling government of India. Anna Hazare's fast and struggle against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats became a massive people's movement when responsible citizens from all walks of life joined hands with him. They include freedom fighters, social workers, film stars, business men, religious leaders and politicians.

When a struggle is initiated for a clean common cause, people tend to follow it voluntarily and extend their unconditional support. This makes a fight successful. But some people who are sunk in corruption also join this force and make it weaker. This is dangerous.

It is important for any leader to understand the one who comes to support his mission and find whether he is a 'wolf in sheep's skin' and avoid such people. Such frauds can spoil everything and the common man will lose his faith even in leaders like Anna Hazare...!

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