Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dayanidhi Maran resigns: From Fame to Shame...!

One of the prominent, smart and loved politicians of DMK was Dayanidhi Maran during the UPA I government. When he was the telecoms minister, he proved himself to be very shrewd and smart. But now when he resigns as the minister of textiles, on the ground of huge corruption charges, how much humiliated he looked when he came out of the Prime Minister's office this afternoon after submitting his resignation...!

It has become a routine news nowadays that one or the other VIP is charged as corrupt and is sent to Tihar jail or some other prison. In spite of this, many new ones continue to be corrupt...!

India is fortunate to have a Prime minister like Dr. Manmohan Singh. It is very unfortunate for the honorable and dignified PM of India to tolerate corrupt cabinet colleagues in his team. Dr. Manmohan Singh is one of the greatest heads of countries in the whole world. His clean hands, vast knowledge, humility, honesty, loyalty all are widely appreciated by everyone. Why should sunch a great person fear and submit to corrupt politicians...?

He has no necessities to bow before anyone. He should initiate stern action against any one who is guilty, without any reservations.

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