Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Driving two and four wheelers, talking on the mobile phone

In spite of the stern laws, not to talk on cell phones, while driving any vehicle many people are very careless and fearless. They continue to break the law intentionally. Because they know that the law is only on paper and they can coolly go away mentioning the name of some politicians, whether they have any significance in the party or government. If extremely necessary, they can drive off throwing a 100 Rupee note to the police who stop them for the offense.

These people not only put them into trouble but cause injury and damage to the innocent people who drive or walk carefully on the road. many a times, careless driving of vehicles and riding of two-wheelers, injure and even kill many children and the aged.

Any law, which is small or great, should not be allowed to violate. people must be aware that the laws are for following. Proper fine or penalty should be imposed on any offender, without any exception of any nature.

When people commit petty offenses in the beginning and when they are not caught, they are tempted to do greater crimes. The police are responsible for the implementation of the rules without any partiality.

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