Friday, August 26, 2011

Opinion of 'Kumkuma poove' serial on Asianet - Worth with the action of all

'Kumkumapoove' is agood serial on Asianet TV Channel, with the apt actions of most of the actors and good directions. In this serial which is telecast five days a week, Jayanthi Teachers action as a good lady is good but it was better when she handled the villainous role.

Shalini's look itself gains sympathy for her, while Amala's role as a spoiled child is wonderful.

Markose and Mariya are no doubt made for each other, at the same time action of Jagannathan sir also deserves applauds.

On the whole, it is a different serial with bearable actions...!

What is your opinion...?

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  1. Generally its a good serial, but how a professor and a business man accepted an unknown girl without any knowledge about her background, family, parents etc as their daughter in-law? We are staying in this world or sky?


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