Sunday, September 25, 2011

Idea Star singer (ISS) Season 5 ends gloriously and Season 6 launched by Dr K J Jesudass

The grand finale of ISS season 5 ended successfully on the evening of 24th September, 2011, amidst wide spread disagreements from many viewers of some quarters, in giving the grand prize of Rs. 1 crore worth house and winner title to Kalpana Raghavendra overtaking, many native singers who were leading ahead of her through out.

But none can deny the fact that her performance rounds were really creative and superb...!

Gana gandarvan Dr K.J. Yesudas' words of praises for Kalpana on her final song also might have helped her a lot in occupying the first place.

Idea star singer Season 6 is launched ceremoniously on this occasion by Dassettan. Season 6 is having five eminent permanent judges 1. K. S. Chitra 2. M. G. Sreekumar 3. Anuradha Sriram 4. M. Jaya Chandran 5. Hari Haran.

Mr Sarat is missing ISS season 6 ...? And Ranjini Haridas is not anchoring ISS season 6...???

Season six is starting from September, 26 th 2011, Monday onwards as usual at 8.00 pm Monday to Friday...!

Best wishes to all the contestants of ISS Season 6....!


  1. Best wishes to Asinaet's ISS season 6 to produce many unknown talents into polished singers

  2. I was a good fan of idea star singer for years from the USA and is knowledgeable on Indian and Western music to use sound judgment. I was disappointed with award given in season 5 to a western/opera style singing which also had the least audience support and SMS. This was a clear insult to Indian music. It looks like, Asia-net withheld the total SMS from the live audience for the first time, a gross violation of other participants rights. Also we are questioning the knowledge of the judges to judge a 'western/opera style music' We feel sorry fr the other contestants. You may persu your dreams elsewhere with proper training and promotion.
    The 'gana ganthrvan's' comments on his dear friend's daughter was totally out of place at that time and was a clear conflict of interest.
    I thought my good friend MG had a sense of dignity and pride in what he is doing.
    This will not fly in the USA. Also, 'gurupooja' is emphasized too much into these poor contestants. Gurupooja is required to a certain extent, it was never a custom in south India to kiss the feet of a senior artist or a guru until ASia-net started it.


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