Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anna Hazare's own blog against the Congress Party

The acclaimed anti-corruption crusader, Anna Hazare has threatened once again the ruling Indian National Congress party. In his recent blog posts released before 'Deepavaly" (may be as he is maintaining silence), he has warned the Congress party to face serious damage, if it did not yield to his demands.

He also backed his team member, Kiran Bedi on the present controversy she is involved in, relating to the 'air-fare bill inflation'. He said the charges leveled against the former top cop Bedi is not fair.

He blamed that the 'gang of four' ( the four central ministers) in the government is an obstacle to the formation of the Jan Lokpal Bill for which he is fighting...!

However, attack on a secular political party, and getting support of another party that has religious agendas, has created concerns in many common people who found a Savior in him to lead the struggle against corruption.


  1. Anna's popularity has started diminishing when he become a spokes-man and revealed his hidden support to the religious party BJP. Most people expect veteran leaders to be apolitical and secular without any parochial feelings. How can anna hazare be compared to Mahatma Gandhi..!

  2. Let us hope great Congress will give us strong Lokpal and not the Jokpal.


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