Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A.P High Court orders to sell liquor at MRP rates.

At last the High Court of Andhra Pradesh had to intervene in the matter of selling IM liquor much above the MRP rates at the liquor shops. The High Court today issued an order to the IMFL outlets to sell liquor at the MRP rates printed on the bottles and to issue proper bills to the consumers.

Though this matter was brought to the notice of the Government several times by the media and other organizations, it could not do anything to control the liquor mafia.

It was because a Lawer named Venkateswara Rao who made an appeal to the court to check and control the sale of liquor above MRP rates.

It should be waited and watched whether the government will implement the directives of the court properly...!


  1. It is appreciable that at last a man named Venkateswara Rao has come to the rescue of the liquor consumers of A.P. If any government cannot implement the orders of the High Court (Judiciary), it should quit immediately.

  2. It is very unfortunate that even after the ruling of the high court, no action is taken yet by the authorities in Andhra pradesh to implement the directive of the Judiciary to sell liquor compulsorily at MRP rates in the retail shops.

    If the government that rules a state cannot enforce or implement an order of the judiciary, it is contempt of court and the government is subject to punishment.

    Don't the ones that rule A.P know it or deliberately offending the High Court...?

  3. now again they are charging high rates in vijayawada

    we become and unite fight for mrp rates

    dileep kumar


  4. You are right Dileep Kumar. All should unite and fight against those who back these robbers and criminals. Many leaders including ministers and officers are getting huge money for supporting these liquor mafia. Many people opine that the APCC president Botcha Satyanarayana who owns many liquor retail shops in Coastal Andhra Pradesh is the chief culprit.

  5. Even after the raids of Andhra Pradesh's Anti corruption bureau on the liqour sydicate mafia, which brought out corruption of thousands of crores of rupees and the involvement of the leaders of all political parties and top officials of many departments, why is the central or state governments not taking any steps to control these plunderes? Why can't the Chief minister act on the reports of the ACB...?


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