Friday, October 28, 2011

Cruel Blind Faith after Diwali in Ujjain; Cows and bulls are made to run over human beings...!

It is very unfortunate to see some cruel blind beliefs performed in the name of faith in an advanced country like India. The news telecast on popular news channels were shocking.

The practice of performing a religious event after the festival, Deepavali in Ujjain was really cruel and inhuman. Many people lay on the ground in lines and cattle, like cows and bulls were made to run over the people and stampede. Many people were seriously injured in this event. The poor animals also got hurt in this incident, while running helter-shelter in fear out of the sound and hauls made by the people. This 'devotion' is performed every year there after the 'festival of lights'

Many educated people are condemning such cruel practices in the name of god or piety.


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