Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Telengane Strike called off ... Seperate Telengana statehood granted...?

Let's suppose we see or hear a news like this. The 'all people's strike' (sarva Janula samme) called on by the pro-Telengana activists, has crippled terribly an active and progressing state like Andhra Pradesh. The ongoing strike has been in effect for more than a month. Students, government, public and private employees are actively taking part in the strike, without any leadership or control or without knowing the damage it is causing to their own kith and kin. People in general are paying heavily for it and will pay in the future also.

Strikes were called on and 'hartals' were observed in the past to protest against certain policies and to legitimately demand for certain rights. But always there were proper ethics and morale along with some people friendly visionaries behind every such movement.

Many people now are unaware that many strikes and 'bundhs' are master planned by certain political leaders for their personal political mileage. They use the innocent people who are usually fools and who don't bother to think much.

Teachers of universities, colleges or schools are supposed to teach their students and complete the prescribed syllabus by the prescribed time frame. If they use their students to perform strikes and encourage them to engage in vandalism by destroying our own property and harming our own brothers and sisters, will they be able to control them once the result is got? Will these students who consider violence is their teacher's 'dakshina' ever become useful and responsible citizens in future?

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