Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SC fires Tamil Nadu and Kerala states on Mullaiperiyar dam issue. Where is justice ? T.N or Kerala side...?

The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday (13-12-11) criticized in strong words both the governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala states saying, instead of trying to put out the fire they are fueling on the Mullaperiyar Dam row.

The Mullaperiyar dam controversy is worsening these days, with the support of both the governments encouraging their people to riot against the other.

All the other Indian States and the popular electronic and print medias came openly in support the stand of the Kerala Government which repeatedly assure Tamil Nadu that all the water and the treaty will stand good even if another strong dam is built instead of the present old dam.

Kerala Government categorically emphasis the need for protecting the lives and properties of millions of people who can be washed away, in the unfortunate incident of the dam break.

Even many broad minded people of Tamil Nadu say this offer is acceptable and they wonder why the Tamil Nadu government is remaining stubborn without thinking of taking an amicable step to settle the matter.

What can the ordinary people do...? They can pray for a friendly solution to this burning issue which can become a wild fire...!

What is your opinion on this issue...? Please add your comments below...! Thanks...!


  1. It is very strange and attracts condemn the attitude of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. Even though her Kerala counterpart Ommen Chandy and several other Ministers including P.J.Joseph has clearly promised to follow all the prevailing conditions, why should Jayalalitha take this stubborn and uncompromising stand...?

    It is very funny for a person bearing a responsible position...!

    Subhash Ghosh, New Delhi

  2. Most of the people feel that Tamil Nadu should take a reasonable and just step to solve this problem.

  3. Tamil Nadu Government must be dismissed and Presidents rule should be imposed

  4. The people in general and the governments in particular should try hard to solve any problems that can be solved, without any selfish and political intentions.

    People of any state in India are all Indians and they are like brothers - whether thy are Malayalees or Tamils, Telugus or Kannadigas ...!

    There is an immediate solution to this Mullaperiyar dam issue (or any issues), if Tamil Nadu acts thinking they are in the place of Kerala.

  5. Normal People are not concerned about the evil plans of politicians. they only want to live safely, securely, amicably and happily...!
    Bala Subramanyam, Palayamkottai


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