Thursday, January 26, 2012

Asianet announced the Time Schedule and and methods for participating in the Kodeeswaran Reality Quiz show. Jan 28 to Feb 04, 2012

Asianet T V channel has just announced the time schedule and the process for participation in the much anticipated reality intellectual quiz game in Malayalam, hosted and presented by Actor Suresh Gopi 'Nigalkkum Akaam Kodeeswaran', with a caption 'knowledge can change your lives'. BIG Synergy Media Limited is the producer for this event which is expected to become a super hit.

The promotion program commences from the 28th of January, 2012 to 4th of February, 2012 daily at 6.30pm IST. During this period, the desirous viewers can register for the competition.

How to Register for the Entry in NAK (Ningalkum Akam Kodeeswaran)?

Any one with a Land phone or Mobile phone can Particpate in this program. (Particpation is not allowed from public telephone centres (PCO).

There are two ways through any one can participate in NAK.

Either by sending text sms or by Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Each day starting from 28th January till 4th February,2012 one question will be asked. The question will have four options, A or B or C or D.

The answers for the questions can be sent by TEXT SMS or registered (called) by IVRS before 6pm the next day. ( Ex: 28th's answers can be sent upto 29th 6.00pm)


Step - 1.

Type NAK YOUR OPTION [A/B/C/D] and send to 57827 (Charges for Rs 3.00 to 5.00 per SMS applicable depending upon the service). (Example: NAK C 57827)
Step - 2.

On successfully receiving the SMS, the contestant will receive a reply message "thank you for completing STEP 1 of the registration process" and will then be asked to enter:
Example: M 32 686001 or F 24 683025 (The reply to this SMS should be sent within 20 Minutes)

Step - 3.

On successfully receiving this SMS, one more " Thank You" reply will arrive to the cell phone.

REGISTRATION THROUGH Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Note: IVR can be answered in Malayalam

Call and register your preferred Answer .

For land line, BSNL and Mobile subscribers

Dial 505782775 if your option is A
Dial 505782776 if your option is B
Dial 505782777 if your option is C
Dial 505782778 if your option is D

Best Wishes to one and All to win crores of rupees and become kodeeswarans with your intelligence and knowledge.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I go thrugh your details, but for the last few days i am asking that if a person from UAE, how can he participate in this program, how can he message the answers, yor no is 57827 ok its valid in india, from UAE how can i message in this number.
    Please response ASAP

    Saji Anderson from dubai

    1. Hi Dear, I think you can add the necessary ISD code numbers before the above given number when you are sending SMS from abroad.

      Country code + number ... OK...?

  2. Dear Management,

    From 28.01.2012 i am trying to send the answer through SMS from dubai, it is not going and also at the same time i lost RS 300 as sms charge, what is this, so please provide the correct number for UAE people,

    every time it appears that, Message send, after few seconds another message will ccome "Message not send" then message charge will cut from my account.


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