Wednesday, January 18, 2012

B.Ed Teachers ineligible for SGT posts in A.P...?

About seven lakhs Graduates in Education (B.Ed) in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India are cursing their higher degree in education as the government recently announced that they are not eligible to appear for the ensuing DSC exam conducted fro the recruitment of teachers in the state.

The government recently made an order stating that the SGT (Secondary Grade Teachers) posts are going to be filled by D.Ed (Diploma in Education) candidates and those Candidates with a higher degree in education B.Ed (Bachelor in Education)are not eligible and are unfit to write the DSC exam or teach the students of primary schools in the state.

This has led them to curse their higher eligibility and the popular opinion of the public is that whether it is government or private, while recruiting and appointing staff for any institution, what all prefer is a person with a higher qualification and this decision of the government is that of Thuglac.

Even Government and Private Colleges and Universities in the state too prefer persons with the highest qualification to appoint as Teaching faculty.

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  1. governament tuglac kadu.nve main tuglc.B.Ed goppade andke valaku SA post Rayamantnaru.
    SGT chinna post paiga D.Ed valu proper training tesukuntunaru B.Ed colgs lo money kadte colge ki velakuna m kadu.asal B.Ed chesna chala mandiki teaching ante ento kuda teliyadu.valaku SGT avkasham ivadam asal crect kadu.adaina institute lo job kavalante highest qualification to patu experience adgutaru B.Ed valadi highest qualification kadu ,D.Ed valaku unanta TEACHING experience kuda ledu.


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