Thursday, February 16, 2012

Iran's open challenge to the world, trumpetting Nuclear muscle: Another gulf war in 2012? Tension grips in the region

The recent boasting of Iran exhibiting its Nuclear capacity and advanced know-how and capability to enrich uranium at high speed, by its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is considered by think tanks and people of the world as an open warning and challenge to the West and the rest of the world. At a time specially  when crisis and unrest is surrounding the region, the popular opinion of people is that it was untimely and unwarranted.

As a free country, Iran has the right to produce or do anything for the welfare of its people. Any country's stand specially when it can spark disputes or differences, it is good to keep away for controversies.

When Iran is believed and blamed as the kingpin behind the blasts on Israeli  diplomats in India and Georgia by Israel, USA  and some other countries, this proclamation of its capability to make atom-bombs is widely criticized by the world. It may worsen the situation, opine political experts.

Any differences between persons, organizations, religions, sects, political parties, or countries should be solved by having discussions and dialogues. There is no issues or problem which does not have a solution.

When the small world in which we live is shadowed by unrest and fear, countries should refrain from making blame game that widen the gaps. Majority of the people of the world, in which ever country they live, are against wars, but want to live amicably and peacefully.

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