Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Shocking and Shameful act of Karnataka Ministers in the Assembly.

Today's news was really shocking the entire Nation. Three Ministers of the Karnataka state resigned hurriedly. What was the reason behind their hurried step...? We have earlier seen few months ago the chief Minister and some others refusing to quit even when asked by the BJP high command.

The three ministers offered to quit following the video tape released by popular TV channels airing their services rendered as ministers in the Karnataka Assembly, today...! They were seen watching porn and sex films in the assembly while heated debates were going on in the assembly on the hoisting of Pakistan flag recently in Sindagi in Karnataka's Bijapur district.

Finding the allegations true, the Karnataka chiefs of the BJP immediately asked the ministers to quit and they submitted their papers to the governor who immediately accepted them.  

When we voting people of the country, cast our valuable votes during elections, should think deeply and choose leaders with sound morality and good dedication. If leaders in the status of ministers, indulge in such dirty and immoral acts, that too in the Assembly where rules and laws for the states are enacted, what punishment are they eligible for...?

The people whose memory is short will naturally forget this after some time and they may again appear in similar or higher posts in future. Our Karma...what else...???

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