Monday, February 13, 2012

Slain Al Queda Chief Bin Laden's surprising advise to children and grand children

In a surprising and shocking report published by the 'Daily Mail' in London, the slain founder chief of the world's dreaded terrorist organization Al Queda, Bin Laden had advised his children and grand children not to follow his path of terrorism.

According to Osama Bin Laden's fifth brother-in-law, Zakaria al-Sadah,  Laden wanted and insisted his children and their children to settle in some Western countries, where they would get good education and live peacefully...!

24-year old al-Sadah who is a journalism student said that Osama's children who lived in the dark for more than nine months during the US raids in Abbaottabad in Pakistan before the killing of the terrorist in May, 2011, were terribly frightened.

It is very strange to hear that the world's most wanted terrorist in the recent times who invited and attracted innocent youths to become terrorists on the name of Religion and Faith, wanting his own children and grand children to live peacefully and happily shunning extremism and terrorism....!

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