Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soccer Game in Egypt turns to Killer game: 74 people died, 100s injured.

The unfortunate incident of 'fans' becoming mad has once again occurred in Egypt, when fans belonging to the rival groups went mad and clashed, in which already 74 people lost their lives and hundred seriously injured.

Many people world-wide are losing their lives due to natural calamities and unprecedented accidents and incidents. Fans of rival foot-ball teams resorting to clash each other and attacking seriously is storngly condemn-able and the world opinion of people is much against repetition of such wild instincts that of animals to attack without any sense of thoughts.

It is OK to appreciate the play or actions of sport stars or film stars. But the appreciation should not become adoration...! The same sis applicable in the case of some politicians also. There are many people ready to die and kill for the sake of these false leaders.

 People who are fans of certain celebrities should realize that every one has the right to be a fan of someone and they should tolerate the fans of others. Also it is important to understand, anyone engaged in sports or film field (sport star or cine star) is doing so to make money and he/she is not doing a free service to the society or the country.

Do not lose your temper when dealing with people of other parties, religions, faiths, groups, teams, etc. but bear everyone and respect his/her individuality and feelings...!

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